4 Unconventional Social Media Tricks That Draw User’s Attention

4 Unconventional Social Media Tricks That Draw User’s Attention

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Looking for social media tricks? The problem with social media is that everybody and your technophobic uncle Jimmy are using it to get their message out there. That means there is a lot of noise out there that you somehow have to rise above. And if you use the regular strategies then that means the only way you can get heard is by shouting more loudly (i.e. pay lots of money) or creating content that is far more interesting than everything else out there. That’s both hard and expensive.

For that reason, you want to find some strategies that are a little different from what everybody else is doing. Some unconventional social media tricks which will get noticed by your audience. Now, it so happens that I’ve found a few. So here are some tricks you can employ.

Show people behind the scenes

Sometimes you want to show a finished product. Sometimes, however, you want to give people a peek behind the scenes. The most effective way to do things like that is to create a video which shows how people in your company or in your life interact, have fun and create the things that people love and appreciate.

The big advantage of this is that when done correctly, it gives people the idea that they’re getting a real look into what is going on, instead of the polished stuff that we generally see. And that matters – as most of us don’t feel what we’re seeing is very honest anymore and therefore are touched by something that seems rawer.

Use Facebook Groups

If you can, you’ll want to build your own Facebook group. Of course, that will only work if there is still some space left in your niche and people will want to join. If that’s the case, then you’ve got a gold mine, as these groups often end up attracting people all on their own and members will constantly reach out to each other to create a community. And they’ll do all that largely for free (admittedly, you might have to do a little bit of management to make sure it doesn’t turn into a spam machine).

You can add your own content to the mix and often reach thousands of people for little to know effort.

If that’s not possible because your niche has already been jammed full and you can’t build up a group (or it doesn’t really grow when you do) then consider joining other groups and pushing your content through there. Often, if you’re a real participant and don’t just share your own content, they’ll allow you to push your own content as well, which can let you still reach tens of thousands of people.

Your best bet is to build a relationship with people who manage such groups as then they’ll allow you to get away with a lot more.

The power of requests

Counterintuitively, if you ask people for favors and they grant them then they will like you more than if you do them favors. Ask people to do you little favors – be it fill in questionnaires, give you information about some subject, or just ask ‘how to write a perfect dissertation’. You can make use of this on your social media accounts.

If people then agree to help, you’ll find that they will stick around for longer – probably because they can only square the reason they helped you with the idea that they must have liked you all along.

Invite users to contribute

If you can crowdsource high-quality content from your users and then showcase it across your media you’re really doing some amazing stuff.

  1. You’re giving the person who gave you the content a boost, which in turn will make them like your brand more.
  2. You’re social proofing yourself, in that you show other visitors that you’ve got plenty of other users who are engaging with your brand and willing to put in real effort. That makes them consider doing the same thing.
  3. You’re creating community. And ultimately that’s what we go to social media for – to be a part of a community. And therefore, what you’re doing fits into what they came there for.

Of course, the first time you’re going to try these kinds of things you’ll want to make sure people are actually going to respond. For this reason, you might want to ask one of your followers who you know if they’ll definitely take part so you’ll get at least one response.

There are two strategies to being effective on social media. The first one is to think outside the box. If you can reach people in new ways, then you’ll be able to get their attention. Of course, the moment you use this strategy a few times, other people will pick up on it. And in that way you’ll have to think outside the box again. Yes, that is a drag. But that’s the only way the out of the box strategy will work.

For that reason, make sure you use the second strategy. And that is to be personable. If you’re nice, friendly, outgoing and non-standoffish then you’ll be able to connect with your audience. And this will make them want to connect with you. And in that way, you can really create relationships. These are ultimately far more valuable than a few thousand followers who don’t really interact, as they’ll create the feeling among people that it’s a conversation and that they can take part.

So you absolutely have to make sure you do that. If you anything to add, please use the comment section below.

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