4 Hacks That Can Let You Enjoy Cheap Airfare with Ease

4 Hacks That Can Let You Enjoy Cheap Airfare with Ease

Searching for cheap airfare and a cheap way to travel can be an intimidating task, mainly due to the widespread use of dynamic pricing algorithms that are used to track users’ digital activity by airline companies.

They are then leveraged to force money out of passengers’ wallets. The act may sound highly unethical but isn’t that how businesses actually work. Lucky for you, we have put together a complete list of hacks that make cheap flights a dream come true.

Why Does Airfare Get Expensive With Time?

In case you aren’t aware of the Internet Protocol addresses, user location, browser cookies, and MAC addresses are all being stalked by online entities such as advertisers, search engines, and other websites.

Over the years, stalking has been made possible through many techniques, including canvas fingerprinting. This allows advertisers and companies to track your activity based on HTML5 canvas – a method that doesn’t require a browser cookie. Digital stalking is another futile attempt of digital marketing, which is widely implemented to improve business sales all over the globe. In fact, it has gained immense popularity, and it has become an integral part of airline revenue management as well.

Historically, this practice is adopted since the early 1970s to ensure maximum profitability on the Boeing 747 aircraft since the difficulty of selling 100% air tickets. At that time, it was extremely difficult given that any unsold ticket was often counted as a loss to the company once the flight took off. This is usually the state of flights in off-peak traveling seasons. Hence in the current digital age, airlines use smart algorithms to make users pay for the vacant “spaces” through altering the ticket pricing by tracking past user bookings, aggregating the average demand for routes in a particular time frame and probability of late purchase of a ticket.

4 Must-Try Cheap Flight Hacks

We present to you the holy grail of cheat sheets!  Here is how you can save those few extra $$ and enjoy the same airline perks for less.

Befriend Incognito Mode

You have probably heard of how airfare increases after repeatedly searching for the same flight route. This is very true in fact, companies track cookies and record your browsing behavior, and the algorithms, hence, customize themselves to show you updated pricing. A psychological strategy used to encourage consumers to drive a purchase.

However, using an incognito mode can be a solution to this since incognito doesn’t save any browser history, the website cannot store any cookies, and hence the pricing algorithms cannot function well.

Opt For User-Friendly Search Engines to Find Cheap Airfare

Ever used an airfare comparison website and seen difference in airfare compared to the rates quoted on the company’s website? This is because most airlines have signed contracts and sales quotas with airfare search engines. Hence, the comparison sites work on promoting certain airlines by showing cheap rates compared to other airlines.

Hack this by always taking quotes from the airline’s original websites instead! This helps in getting accurate results, and for fare, comparison use trusted websites like Expedia or Booking.com.

Fly with Budget Airlines

Budget airlines are far cheaper and serve almost the same purpose when compared to established brands of the industry – fly you to your destination. Low-cost airlines not always cover free food or drink, but that is a sacrifice you need to make.

When flying on a budget, it is best to look out for the destination of the airline; most flights land further from the location. Also, baggage and luggage allowance is significant to consider so read the airline terms and conditions thoroughly!

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to Find Cheap Airfare

Canvas Fingerprinting and location tracking through GPS may alter the price range of airfares, as shown at a particular location. This is because airlines leverage foreign currencies and points of sales to their advantage.

The companies use the competitive advantage to alter the rates in extremely competitive regions. The airfares would be lower as compared to the location, which has lower competition.

Using a Virtual Private Network, in this regard, seems to be the best option. VPNs encrypt the internet traffic through Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, and Secure Socket Tunnel, or any other protocol. However, apart from encrypting the connection, the VPN service also allows you to change your virtual location by spoofing your IP address.

Once you are behind a different IP address, originating from a different country, you can compare prices to find deals.

VPN for traveling abroad- Cheap Airfare, Unlimited Access to Geo Restricted content, Safe Web Surf, and more.

Cheap airfare is not the only benefit that comes with installing a VPN while traveling. VPN protects your security even when you’re on vacation! The VPN service provider promotes secure browsing through its military-grade encrypted VPN client. Moreover, with added features like internet kill switch, users are assured that privacy and security remain intact wherever they go.

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