3 Tips For Choosing a Great Logo Color

3 Tips For Choosing a Great Logo Color

Great designers understand that every element of a logo is crucial when creating a brand. Colors of a brand are often the first thing that a consumer recognizes. The most famous brands have a strong global recognition of their colors and use them consistently throughout all of their branding material.

So, let’s discuss some advice on how to choose the right logo color.

Define your mission statement

Before you delve into the details of what colors your logo should be, you need to figure out what your brand stands for and what emotions your logo should evoke. Business is competitive and consumers are exposed to thousands of logos every day. This is why you need to communicate your values concisely.

To start off choosing the right colors for your logo, you need to list the 5 emotions you want to evoke in somebody seeing your brand. This will give you a foundation of what colors evoke the emotions that match your companies mission.

Review competing brands

They say all things are copied or imitated to an extent. While this is a cynical perspective on design, there is some truth to it. I would never urge someone to copy another style as having a unique logo is crucial but analyzing what your competitors do can serve as great inspiration. It will spark ideas for your own brand and give you an idea of what you like and dislike. Global corporations spend millions of dollars on redesigning their brands in an effort to change how people view their companies. Even for a startup, redesigning a logo can get expensive quickly, so I would suggest learning about companies in your industry to see what works.

Pick your colors

Once you’ve nailed down the exact values and tone you want to communicate, you can review the color chart below and pick the right colors for your logo. 2-3 colors are recommended but you can get as creative as you would like,

  • Red evokes excitement, youthfulness, and boldness
  • Orange evokes friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence
  • Yellow optimism, clarity, and warmth
  • Green evokes peace, growth, and health
  • Blue evokes trust, dependability, and strength
  • Purple evokes creativity, imagination, and prudence
  • Gray evokes balance, neutrality, and calmness

Once you’ve picked your color you can hire a logo designer or try your own hand at creating your logo. Keep in mind that creating a truly memorable brand is a process that takes time so don’t rush it. Create several concepts and try some color variations. You can also gather feedback from customers and friends to see how your new brand colors are perceived.

Good luck!


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