3 Huge Benefits of Increasing Followers and Likes on Instagram

3 Huge Benefits of Increasing Followers and Likes on Instagram

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Over the last several years, businesses ranging from one-person operations to multinational corporations have created Instagram an account in order to keep customers updated on products and services. If you take a look on Instagram, you will noticed that the major of companies are there in 2019. Along with being on Instagram, many companies reap benefits from being active on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook; however, Instagram appears to be the favored social media site for the younger audience. So how increasing followers on Instagram?

Considering that Instagram’s customer interface is simpler and more streamlined than those competitors like Facebook (although Facebook owns Instagram) and Twitter. How exactly do Instagram “followers” and “likes” determine the degree to which a company is able to reach its core audience and attract new customers? As it turns out, the number of followers and likes that an Instagram page has can make a huge difference in a company’s ability to reach out to a key demographics. Here are just a few ways that using Instagram “by the numbers” is important in 2019, and why an Instagram account is par for the course at many of the world’s biggest firms. 

1. Instagram Provides Free Advertising 

It may almost seem like the most obvious benefit of building a large following on Instagram, but the truth is that a substantial audience on the website is a driving force behind companies being able to advertise for free. Unlike advertising campaigns that are based around television or print, market pushes on Instagram come at little or no cost to companies and are arguably even more effective at reaching target audiences than conventional media. For small businesses who don’t have the budget of major corporations, that amount of reach can be a huge benefit to using Instagram and social media in general. 

2. Dynamic Communication 

Aside from being able to get a post instantly and directly to followers with the click of a button, other major benefits to using Instagram include the ability to tag posts that can be instantly seen by site users using the “explore tags” function as well as to provide direct-purchase links to goods and services within Instagram’s “Story” feature. Instagram’s algorithm places the position of new tags at the top of its search function as soon as a picture or video is posted, meaning that your new post won’t get buried beneath a sea of similarly-tagged items. You’ll also be reaching your current follower list as well as people who might be interested in following your business online, and for many people, that makes Instagram the first place to turn when launching a new product or service. Dynamic communication also includes staying up to date with the conversations happening about your brand on Google My Business. One of the great strides in Digital Marketing has been the emergence of companies that notify you when you get a bad review. These kind of companies will often send a message to a customer within a recent time frame of their purchase encouraging them to leave the company a review. Dynamic communication is crucial in your company’s online presence.

3. Reaching New Demographics 

Among the many benefits of using Instagram is the ability to gain new followers through word of mouth and create a long-term client-base in the process. Fans of a particular Instagram page will often share posts from that account, meaning that connectivity through Instagram is exponential in its effects. In other words, the larger the following or number of likes that a page has, the larger the potential for reaching new demographics will be for even the smallest companies. Many small and mid-sized companies may claim that they already have a solid presence within a certain target, but without an Instagram account they are limiting their business in its ability to grow. Indeed, the potential for reaching new customers is just one of the reasons businesses are taking advantage of an Instagram account in 2019. 

For these reasons, a successful Instagram account can be one of the top marketing tools that a company can have at its disposal in 2019. More than just a social media site, Instagram is a way to reach out to clients and customers and address their needs with lightning speed and precision. The site has its limitations, to be sure, but as a medium by which companies can reach out to new and old customers alike, it is difficult to imagine any platform competing with Instagram in the near future.

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