15 Study Apps That Make Hassle Free Learning For Students

15 Study Apps That Make Hassle Free Learning For Students

Technology has made learning feasible and hassle free through educational apps which are student friendly with multi faceted benefits for them. Following are 15 useful study apps:

1 – Evernote and Penultimate

Evernote is a famous note taking app with a feature combining book marking, clipping, composing and more. It is useful for to- do lists. It can be used in mobile apps and web browser. It has work chat which enables you to chat with other Evernote users.

2 – MyScript Smart Note

MyScript Smart Note is a useful note taking app for taking notes on tablet. This app recognizes handwriting in multiple languages very well. This app is available free for iOS and Android with limited features. The app allows you to edit your handwriting with special gestures. Adjustable palm rest feature, drawing mode, insertion of media like Math images, equations and pdf files from various cloud storage devices is a major plus point of this app. Many language packs are downloadable for free.

3 – XMind

XMind is the popular mind mapping tool. It runs on desktops and laptops (Windows, Linux and Mac) as a planning tool for studying and projects. XMind is a free and feature packed research and study tool. It has paid versions which offer additional business level features.

4 – Todoist

Todoist is a to-do list app. It is one of the few apps that project and subproject tasks and sub tasks well. You can use it for setting reminders, tracking course assignments, book marking web pages and more. You can combine mobile app with Web browser plugin for optimum use.

5 – Flashcards+

Flashcards+ is great for pronunciation help for 22 languages, lots of decks accessible from the Quizlet app and deck shuffling. You can have many male and female voices for pronunciation help in in- app purchase option.

6 – Quizlet

Quizlet is a general study tool. It offers millions of flashcard study sets for innumerable topics created by high school and college students. You can also use images and audio in your flashcard sets.Quizlet has support in other flashcard apps for studies.

7 – Brainscape –Smart Flash Cards

Brainscape has many flashcard style apps for iOS.Brainscape Smart Flash Cards is one among them. It is free, easy to use and easy to create flash card sets with. It is useful for learning Chinese, SAT and more things.

8 – Google Drive

Google Drive is a collection of cloud based office apps which are useful for drawing images, presentations, spreadsheets, taking notes which all can be kept in the cloud using a mobile device  or internet connected computer. These apps are web browser based and there are iOS and Android versions available.

9 – Dragon Dictation

Dragon dictation is an app that converts everything digitally for you which you can paste into other apps and send as email or save for later.

10 – Coursera

Coursera.org is an online educational site that has partnership with many colleges and universities in the US including Ivy League schools. These schools offer curriculum material and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).Coursera helps one supplementing one’s knowledge.

11 – Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com helps English learning needs with 2,000,000 definitions. The main app is free with search history, word origin and history, word of the day, synonym, antonym, thesaurus and more things. Medical dictionary and encyclopedia are there in in-app purchase option.

12 – Skype

Skype can also be a study app. via text chat, file sharing, voice chat and video. Skype helps one in the last minute preparation and getting online tutoring for difficult topics.

13 – Exam vocabulary Builder

This app is useful for improving English vocabulary for language proficiency, college freshmen, graduate entrance exam or professional advancement. In addition to features like search and organize, there are several other things like study; Flash card etc.This app is especially useful for TOEFL and ESL students.

14 – iTunes University

Apple’s iTunes University has course material for many colleges and universities. The app is available for iOS and the content is a mix of text, audio and video.

15 – iStudiez Lite

This helps you organize your course, managing one semester up to 5 courses, 15 classes, 15 assignments, 5 instructors and 2 holiday periods. You have the provision of setting alarms.

Taking recourse to the above mentioned apps would make your learning process easy helping you score better.

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