11 Tips On Writing Good Instagram Captions

11 Tips On Writing Good Instagram Captions

There are a few ways to approach an Instagram caption, and the best way is to add value to your visual content. Write the caption in such a way that it makes your visual content more interesting and valuable for your audience. Take a look to these 11 tips on how to write good Instagram captions for your audience.

1. Add value to your content

To do that, you must spend some time thinking about your caption and making it more meaningful. The time you invest is a solid investment, and you must be prepared to sacrifice some time for what you are doing.

2. Be authentic

Your audience will not take you seriously if you sound pretentious. In order to sound authentic, you must show a strong link between the photo and the caption. Most people on Instagram do not like formal and boring captions.

Tech-savvy users are mostly young, and you must write the caption in such a way that it resonates with these young people. Contrary to what you may think, Instagram users are very good at identifying pretentious writing.

3. Make sure it has a call to actions

This is a highly effective way to encourage your audience to engage in certain posts. Although you must be a salesman, you will lose many potential buyers if you sound like a salesman.

An Instagram caption can be made more effective by adding a call to actions to the caption. Remember, hyperlinks are not allowed in the caption. So, if you want your audience to do something, you will have to drive them to your bio.

4. Do not ignore the basic rules of Instagram

When your goal is to write Instagram captions to attract an audience, you have to take the rules of Instagram seriously. One of the most important rules is that your caption can not contain more than 2200 characters. There are also some unwritten rules of Instagram and you should know them.

If your caption is long, Instagram shortens it, and only the first 3 lines are displayed. And if the caption is under 125 characters, the entire caption will be displayed. Bear in mind that in an Instagram caption, links are not clickable. So you have to find a way to drive your audience to your bio.

5. Use hashtags strategically

If you have some experience with Instagram captions, you might have figured out how important hashtags are. You can easily get discovered by using hashtags strategically. But using too many hashtags in a caption is not something we recommend. People do not like posts filled with hashtags.

It is also important to keep the hashtags fresh. A hashtag is more effective if it is used at the end of a caption.

6. Use emojis carefully

You must be very careful when using emojis. They can make your writing look either appealing or childish. The key is to do it thoughtfully and in moderation. If you overdo it, things will get extremely childish.

Emojis were quite popular just a few years ago. Most people were using emojis in Instagram text. But now very few captions contain emojis. We do not want to discourage you. If you like them, use them thoughtfully and wisely.

7. Ask questions

More and more people will engage in your posts if you ask them the right questions. This is an effective way to encourage interaction among your audience. Your audience will take you seriously if you ask the right questions. It shows them that you value their opinion.

8. Short paragraphs are better

We have already mentioned that short captions are better than long ones. But if you have to extend the caption into a paragraph, try your best to keep it short. This is, in fact, a psychology trick. If your title is a bit longer than usual ones but shorter than a usual paragraph, people will show interest in your content.

9. Use quotes

Quotations trigger interest and make people want to know the underlying message. It can be just a quotation from a famous person. But you must be very careful when picking a quote for your Instagram caption. Make sure that it is clearly related to the photo, and it is deeply relevant.

10. Tell a story

People are naturally attracted to stories. It is great if you can tell a story in two or three sentences. Make sure that it is not a complicated story. To find a good title in the form of a story, you can get inspiration from a few six-word stories in Narrative Magazine.

11. Be human

Make sure the caption is not robotic. Nowadays social media effects our writing a lot. If you want to stand apart in this age of curated content, you must use human emotions in the text. Your writing is human when it shows understanding, compassion and love. If you show that you care for other people, other people will show interest in you.

Are tools helpful?

Some people use writing tools for writing content. Capitons and Hemingway App are two of the most well-known tools. While these tools are helpful, there are things to consider before you install such a tool.

Instagram text is short, and you do not need much technical help to write one. The most important things are creativity, originality and human touch.

A few more words on hashtags

When typical users of Instagram discover the usefulness of hashtags for the first time, they use a lot of hashtags, even in a very short text. Too many hashtags may help you be discovered easily, but they make your captions look preachy and spammy. It is good to learn the rules of using hashtags on Instagram.

Some people use only the most popular hashtags. This is also a bad idea. Make sure the scope of your hashtag is narrow so that you can reach more niche audiences.


To conclude, we can say that Instagram should be approached the way any written content is approached. Content is the atomic particle of your business, and your Instagram title is like other types of content that can help your brand reach more people.

We really hope this article will help you better writing Instagram Captions to attract and keep your targeted audience. If you have any comment, please use the box below.

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