10 Tips to Find the Best Offshore Software Development Companies

10 Tips to Find the Best Offshore Software Development Companies

Offshore Software Development

Software Outsourcing is arguably one of the smartest innovations of this generation. Businesses from one side of the world connect with offshore companies to get high-quality work at affordable budgets. However, a lot of factors play a crucial role in offshore development. As examples, skillset, time differences, communication, deliverable, projects, payments, deadlines, etc. To avoid bad experience while searching for a offshore software development company, please go over these top 10 tips.

Top tips for offshore software development:

1- Communication

Communication plays a significant role in remote development. As a result of high internet speed, many companies now prefer to communicate through video calls. However, text messages are still preferred to discuss tasks, bugs, and the status of projects. Mail, Skype, video calls, private chat systems: the choices are many when it comes to seamless communication. You must have a talk with the offshore development company to determine the communication medium most suitable for both of you.

2- Offshore  kills

You must cross-check the company’s credentials and its ability to manage projects efficiently. Your project and stack requirements must match the developer’s abilities. It is recommended that you make a list of requirements and share it with the offshore company to let them understand the kind of work you expect from them. You can ask for small demos to check the company’s skills before giving it large-scale projects. 

3- Do researches

Don’t fall for mock case studies or examples that could easily be fake. You must take short interviews with the developers or organization personnel to ensure their skills. You can also hire offshore developers, so that your projects get the attention they need.

4- Project resource

Hiring a dedicated project manager to handle operations gives space to both parties.They provide clients with information about project allocation, status, updates from developers, etc.

5- Teams in sync

The remote team must have the same goals as the on-site team. Otherwise, there will be a lot of bugs between the developers and the operational staff. Using collaboration tools, Project Management System etc. is recommended to keep the teams in sync and to develop best practices for software development

6- Time frame

Time differences can cause a delay in the execution of projects. Meetings must happen at a specific time daily or weekly. Often, managers or developers go to the partner’s location for project meetings and discussions.

7- Human capital

Not having the required human capital or not managing it properly can cause delays. One must take into account the number of personnel required and the scope of the project. Understanding these requirements, appointing the right personnel, and hiring a project manager to oversee the communication will ensure smooth progress.

8- Involvement

Right involvement is a must if you want to make your projects successful. For large projects, it is necessary that you plan visits to the offshore company and understand their working procedures, meet their developers, and discuss the problems they are facing and provide solutions.

9- Trust

Reliability and trust act as the foundation for a long-term association. This will take time, and it could even take years for offshore companies to secure regular contracts. Developing a long-term partnership will depend on requirements, availability, and past results. 

10- Success

Enjoying and celebrating a project’s success will promote a sense of team allegiance. Every project will have its own hurdles, obstructions, bugs, etc. A sense of team members will help one overcome these challenges easily.

Conclusion on offshore software development

The market for offshore software development is consistently growing around the globe, even though new offshore opportunities have come up in Latin America and Eastern European countries have entered the market. IT companies often try to secure partners in remote countries for affordable software development. If you follow our tips, you can be assured of getting a long-term and dedicated partner.

A reliable and trustworthy offshore partner can ensure success for both sides. Cuelogic is among the top choices for IT companies around the world when it comes to hiring the best offshore developers. We specialize in IoT app development, product development, cloud services, data and machine learning, cybersecurity services, and numerous industry-specific solutions. 

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