10 Tips for Finding a Job on the Internet in 2020

10 Tips for Finding a Job on the Internet in 2020

Searching for work on the internet is the easiest and most popular method today. You will find a wide choice of job offers on the internet. But how to find the best job for you on the web? Here are ten tips and tricks to help you get started in 2020.

1. Do your research on suitable pages

On job vacancy sites, there is a multitude of positions. But where to start?

Bringing together job offers in all branches, Monster.com is the benchmark platform because you will find the majority of job offers in one place. In addition to general job search platforms, there are specialized platforms such as dice.com for tech, nurses4america.com for nursing staff etc. If a company interests to you, take a look at its website. Some companies reserve a place dedicated to recruitment on their site, where they give useful advice for candidates.

2. Define your search criteria

You already know which kind of job you are looking for? Or would you prefer to look first at what the market offers?
If you specify specific search criteria your search will be easier. Think carefully where you want to work: your city, your canton or the entire country? In addition, add a few keywords relevant to the job you are looking for. Using these criteria, the list of results will be better defined and will make it easier for you to find offers suited to your profile.

3. Find more information about the proposed position

If the name of the company is mentioned in the offer, then you can extend your search. Companies are using internet marketing to post their jobs on internet. Learn about the company and find out if it could meet your expectations. His portrait will also provide you with precious elements to prepare your application. The philosophy of the company, the qualifications of the employees and the services or products offered are all aspects that are important to consider. In the job portraits of jobs.ch, you will also see how the working atmosphere and the application process of the companies concerned are assessed.

4. Change the game

The candidates are not the only ones to visit job platforms. There are also headhunters and employment agencies. Have you been searching for a job you dream off?

Register on a job platform and create your profile by uploading your CV and a photo and adding some personal information. The more you say about yourself, the better the hiring managers will understand your request and help you find the offer that suits you. By logging on to jobs.ch, you can upload your CV and make it visible to potential employers, who can contact you afterward.

5. Regularly scan the sites to find new offers

Once registered on the job websites, you can activate a Job-Alert to be informed of new offers corresponding to your criteria. Thus, you will regularly receive the latest announcements. Even if this feature comes in handy, don’t forget to stay active and keep searching for yourself.

6. Smartphone apps make research easier

Large job search sites have their own applications. Use them and test the different features! Also, try the new Talentfly app which allows you to search job vacancies in a fun way. The free jobs.ch app also supports you in your job search.

7. Maintain your network

Social networks are there that allow you to create useful connections with companies and recruiters. The best known are LinkedIn, but Facebook can also be particularly useful for job searches. On these professional networks, many companies also post their latest job offers, for which you can directly apply via your profile. Hence, it’s advised to keep your profile complete and up to date. You also need to make sure that you mention all of your professional experience and related information in your CV.

8. Apply professionally

Most job platforms offer links for each offer, through which you can send your application directly. Some companies sometimes prefer the direct route. Find out about the application procedures and send your file respecting company preferences. It is generally recommended to attach a motivation letter to your CV.

9. Send spontaneous applications

Are you interested in a particular company, but you cannot find job offers online? Be active and contact the company directly! Spontaneous applications are often rewarded and a discussion with human resources can allow you to obtain interesting information about the employer.

10. Set goals and plan

In order not to drown yourself during your research on the internet, you should establish a schedule. How many applications for a job do you want to send this week? How many days do you need to contact the business? Organize your job search to make it successful.
Did you ever used to Web to find a job? Were you satisfied with the results? Please share your experience in the comments box below.


About Author: Raunak Pandey is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the co-founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing agency that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.

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