How to get more free traffic to your blog?

How to get more free traffic to your blog?

You put handsome amount of time to research a blog post and then just finished writing a great blog post. Once you are done publishing it, you observed least traffic on your blog post which will be putting a big question mark in your thoughts. In reality, people who know you can only be able to see your blog post; your friends and your RSS subscribers. Today, you should not rely only on search engines to get your post be noticed. Publishers need a plan for more free traffic to your blog to make sure that each piece of your written blog post is well noticed by the influencers and your prospects too. Let’s walk through the steps that you must put in your Things To Do after you have written the blog post.

keyword optimize your post for more free traffic to blog

Once you are done with your blog post, scan it and pick the main keyword(s). Take the list of the keyword(s) and put it in Google Keyword Planner tool. Check and pick the keyword(s) that you find most popular in phrasing and wording. Once you are done with the check and pick process, use the updated list of keywords and wisely use it within your copy and META Tags. A better keyword optimized blog post is a proven source of supplementary free traffic by many sources through search.

Get your blog ready for RSS (Real Simple Syndication)

What is RSS? RSS is a technology that allows millions of million users to keep track of their favorite content. It is the best alternate to the old method of bookmarking your best website manually. RSS is the best and most misunderstood method of content syndication. Allow your blog post to be RSS automatically for your readers in many channels to additional free traffic to your blog post.

Less is more; so does the URL of your blog post for Social Channels

URLs are main source to reach to any post on Internet world. Google recommends to have a URL which users can easily remember. This will also encourage users to get back later to learn more. But to get your post ready to be shared on Social Media Channels, through micro blogging, you must consider URL shorter service by many providers. We used to use Google URL Shortener service. This will allow you more space to micro blog and keep your focus on the main message. The more focused message convert better traffic than otherwise. Always shorten blog post URL while posing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. It is, indeed, a smart strategy.

Tailor your status updates

Typing your blog post into your social channels might not get most links. Guy Kawasaki posts 4 times in an hour on all his social channels. He also repost a post in different intervals of 24hrs. Guy Kawasaki always tailor the Post title to highlight another dimension of it. This technique will help you reach more traffic for your product/service in many dimensions.

Create teasers on other sites

Most of social networking sites and question and answer websites allow you to promote your content but must be relevant. To work it perfectly, always write a compelling headline or question as your title then include some thoughtful commentary followed by your URL. Never hesitate to ask users to provide feedback.

Bookmark your content to make it available

Bookmarking is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that is stored for later retrieval in any of various storage formats. Bookmarking is still a better source of direct traffic. Don’t forget to bookmark your blog post with unique headings on Reddit with 32M Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors, Digg with 6M Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors and Stumbleupon with 28M Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors.

Blog comments to add value

Comment on relevant blogs to add more value in the blog topic should be a habit in you. This benefits in many folds. This help your personal promotion, create a relationship with the blogger as well as with the audience of that particular blog, build an audience and at last but the least leave helpful links to your blog post. BlogDash invites everyone to contribute with guest postings on the blog to create your audience. You can also interact with the influencers directly there and also increase traffic for your blog as well as future opportunities.

Seek and assist via search Tool

Be generous enough to help communities online. Search for the people through relevant hashtags and even direct keywords who are seeking help related to your blog posts. Share the blog URL with them. Use search Tool for keyword(s) and hashtag(s) search of Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Quora in particular. Search tools will get you more traffic which was never explored before.

Bet on Email marketing

Email marketing has already been revamped after so long and is a better tool to get more free traffic for your every blog post. Don’t overlook to utilize your email lists. Send your blog post title via email to the email list of your blog subscribers. Later you should also include the blog post in the monthly newsletter.

Keep the list in a Things –To – DO format and always make sure you completed all the steps every time you write and publish your next blog post. As it is never too late, you can also follow the rules for the previous blog post that you already have posted. Plan to follow the steps on the previous posts too and see how traffic comes to your every post of your blog. Always help/educate your blog audience in your blog post for their problem. This will allow them to get back to your post again.

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