Creating a Great User Experience for Your Customers

Creating a Great User Experience for Your Customers

With endless websites available for our browsing pleasure on virtually any topic known to man, the online world has rapidly evolved into a predominantly interactive experience. The reason for this shift is due to individuals’ feelings and perceptions about the human/computer interaction becoming more and more significant. According to Wikipedia, the term “user experience” was unheard of prior to the 1990’s and was primarily used to explain the usability of a website or web application, and not so much one’s thoughts and values behind the handling of a computer.

Although websites are not believed to be tangible, they are products nonetheless that people interact with and use on a daily basis. When creating a website, it is important to analyze how we as consumers interact with the products around us, and what makes them stand out.

Firstly, get to know your audience. Ask yourself questions such as “Is my website a valuable resource for my visitors?” and “Does my content flow in such a way that assists in fulfilling a visitor’s need?” Another critical question to consider is “What techniques or tools are used to create a better user experience that people will remember and most importantly, will keep them coming back to my site”.

Questions such as these can be answered in several ways, but here are the techniques we at BlogDash believe can help you create a better user experience for your guests – Content, visual design and usability.

We all know content is key and we can’t stress this enough. Make sure the content on your website is in line with your niche and your visitors’ expectations. Having too much information on a bunch of different subjects will distract people and encourage them to browse elsewhere. Pick and topic and stick to it.

The visual design of your site should be appealing to the eye. People should not have to fish for information but rather have it presented to them in a clear and concise fashion. No one likes clutter, so neat spacing and sticking to fewer fonts and font sizes will do the trick.

Usability is a crucial element in the end-user’s experience. Be mindful that consumers are browsing your site to achieve a particular objective. Your website should allow them to effectively find the information they are searching for and navigate accordingly. It should do so in a way that gets them coming back, or in other words become repeat users.

If you have other tips on how creating a great user experience, please share them with us and with our bloggers’ community. If you found this article useful, why not sharing it in your social media accounts?

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