Content Strategy for Bloggers

Content Strategy for Bloggers

Content Strategy

As a blogger, what content strategy do you use? do you plan and schedule your blog posts? Do you know what you’re going to blog about before your fingers start typing away?

Do you realize that if you planned your blogging life, you’d find it to easier, more organized and more enjoyable?

If you talk to 10 bloggers, you’ll probably get 10 different answers on how they plan their blogs. Some blog from trends; some blog from life experiences; some blog about whatever hits their brains when they sit down!

But, by actually taking the time to plan what you’re going to blog about, doing a little research on your topic or title and formatting your blog posts (images, headings, etc.), you’ll find that your blog will slowly start to gain more targeted, interested traffic. Why? Because by doing these little things, it looks to your readers that you’re a blogger who knows what they’re talking about and wants to make sure that comes across in your blog posts.

Even if you decide to blog about trends (which is always good), you can organize your topic by researching what other bloggers are saying about it and then culling two to three blog titles based on what’s being said about it in the community.

For instance, right now in the medical community, the Ebola virus is a topic that many bloggers are talking about. I just Googled ‘ebola virus’ and immediately on the first page, I found this current article written by a blogger about this dreadful disease who seems to know what’s going on. This blogger likely did extensive research on this topic before even writing the first sentence. Here’s another blog post by a writer who’s actually written for Blogdash before and also seems to know a lot about the virus. Actually, it was his article that he wrote for Blogdash that inspired my post on content strategy. Remember what I said earlier about seeing what other bloggers are saying on a topic? Bloggers are passionate about their topics and that’s what you want to show through in their work.

You can also schedule blog posts ahead of time and have them post on certain days and at certain times. This does a couple of things; it can break up very long posts into a series of posts and it keeps the reader interested to read more. You can Tweet or send out a Facebook status update when the post goes live so that there’s always activity going on within your social media platforms.

Another creative way to strategize your content is to create something that people need and want to read. Although that may not always happen, I’m going to tell you how you can make it start to happen: through consistency. Consistency is what bloggers need to practice doing and by doing that, readers will start to see a pattern and learn to rely on you to deliver the best, most thought-out and accurate information.

What other ideas do you have for bloggers to do within their content strategy campaigns? What have you tried with your content that has worked unbelievably well? What hasn’t worked so well?

I’d love to hear more about what you think on the subject of content strategy. Send me an email at blogging [at] blogdash [dot][com] or come join me and other bloggers over on our Facebook group page where we discuss blogging topics, tips and ideas.

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