12 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

12 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

The world is constantly changing at a very fast pace. The evolution is mostly felt in the modern technology environment. Businesses have been forced to come up with measures in order to keep up or risk being written off in the online marketing platform. In an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace, businesses have come up with various digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing tools not only provide you with the best chances for business growth, it also provides you with the best chances to ward off competition and remain relevant.

Here are 12 reasons why you should adopt digital marketing strategies to help you grow your business.

1- Digital Marketing Is Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

The majority of small business does not have the necessary cash to pay for their business daily expenses. The majority of small businesses survive through loans and overdrafts. If they barely have the funds to pay their staff, where will they get cash for marketing themselves? Digital marketing is much cheaper. A business can modify their budget and run a digital campaign accordingly; whether it is through the use of social media platforms or search engines. You can do this by:

  • Setting up a social media page is free. You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. you can manage these social media pages by using; Sprout Social and Offerpop which are free.
  • Paid Social Media Tools; Nanigans, Facebook’s Power Editor, Twitter Native Platform
  • Email marketing tools; MailChimp, Emma, Marketo
  • Writing tool: Resumes.Expert

2- Digital Marketing Facilitates Interaction with Targeted Audiences

For any business to develop trust between them and their audiences there must be some form of communication. As long as you avoid these common business writing mistakes, internet marketing tools will enable your businesses to interact with their customers in no time. This will enable you to get a better idea on what your customers really want. This will enable you to make the necessary changes in your products to better satisfy the customer’s needs, leading to increased customer satisfaction, while at the same time developing good relationships with them. This way, you gain the necessary trust and loyalty you need as your business grows.

3- Digital Marketing Levels the Online Playing Field

Some years past, digital marketing was reserved for multinational corporations who had the necessary financial resources to conduct an online marketing campaign. The improvement in technology has brought digital marketing to our fingertips. Unlike before when digital marketing could only be conducted on the computer platform, which was not owned by many people; today, smartphones have become mobile computers at our fingertips. Therefore, any company which markets themselves through the use of digital media is assured of a wide coverage and reach to billions of people. Small companies can compete with the big companies and attract their share of targeted traffic. Even without an established call center with a large workforce, businesses can still communicate and engage with their multiple customers from all over the world.

4- Digital Marketing Earns People’s Trust

Because of social media, it has become possible for businesses to have a personalized interaction with their customers without meeting them physically. Because of the direct interaction, their targeted audience receives information directly from the company. This eliminates the distortion of information by third parties. Through this interaction, the audiences feel in touch and part of the company. As a result, trust between these two parties increases. In addition, reviews and testimonials by people who have previously used the product and were satisfied encourage the targeted audiences, who are possible customers, to have trust in the company.

5- Digital Marketing Delivers Conversion

There are various online tools that measure the success of digital marketing; by calculating the percentage of incoming traffic that gets converted into leads, sales or subscribers. Without this conversion, we would not measure whether the marketing strategies are working or not. Business owners are, therefore, streamlining their digital marketing campaigns towards conversion optimization. There are several tools that measure the effectiveness of digital marketing. They include; Google Analytics and Crazy Egg. For social media, consider using; Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Doppler.

6- Digital Marketing Provides Better ROI for Your Marketing Investments

Studies have revealed that digital marketing provides a better Return of Investments (ROI) than traditional marketing tools. Traditional marketing channels are expensive. A lot of energy and resources are channeled into advertising about the product, yet you can never the true ROI since results received are vague and difficult to measure. Only big corporations can manage to use traditional marketing since they are already established and have more than adequate finances.

There are tools, mentioned above, that make digital marketing easy to track and monitor. These provide immediate results that can be measured as soon as the targeted audience buys a product or makes a subscription.

7- Digital Marketing Helps Generate Better Revenues

Higher conversion rates generated usually translates into more business and consequently higher revenue for the business. A study with IPSOS Hong Kong showed that businesses that adopted online marketing tools, were 2.8 times more likely to claim revenue growth than companies which did not adopt digital marketing strategies. The findings also showed that digitally engaged small businesses were 3.3 times more likely to create new employment opportunities. Furthermore, small businesses engaging in digital marketing were 4.8 times more likely to expand into new local markets and 5 times more likely to expand into international markets than companies who reported no online presence. This signifies an increase in sources of revenue.

8- Digital Marketing Caters to The Mobile Consumer

The mobile internet is the current trend of disseminating information and communication. Mobile phones are like a walking computer, only smaller and can fit into the pocket. Smartphones and tablets have unlocked new communication channels. It is estimated that nearly 91% of citizens in the US alone have mobile phones. Companies should, therefore, consider tapping into this sector by developing strategies directly intended for the mobile phones. Remember that with the tip of a button on your mobile phone, a prospective customer can make a purchase. So this is one area that you should consider if your business intends to expand and increase the revenue.

9- Digital Marketing Builds Brand Reputation

The success of digital marketing is in its ability to attract targeted traffic. The audience you attract will come to know about your brand, products, and services, and may even purchase or subscribe to your services. Most importantly, you have to make sure that you deliver whatever your promise. Your products and services should be of high quality. This way, you attract customers, entice them to try your products and then tie them into loyal customers. When you do this, you develop a brand reputation for your business. The satisfied customers will tell more people about their experiences with your product, who will be interested to gain the same experience. As your brand reputation goes viral, you will open new doors of opportunity, increase revenue and attain business growth.

10- Digital Marketing Entices People to Take Favorable Action

There are effective strategies that you can use to entice people to your web page. One of them is by using landing pages. You can develop landing pages that entice consumers, makes them aware of your products and its benefits, and further give them the option to be a part of your company. A landing page should have a Call to Action button that enables the internet users to buy, subscribe to a service or download an application.

11- Digital Marketing Makes You Ready for The Internet Of Things

The internet of things is simply a global system of interconnected digital devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets., that can interact with each other through the internet. This is a project that aims to interconnect 24 billion devices by the year 2020. Digital marketing helps prepare your business for this eventuality. Currently, you can interconnect your devices by using a local LAN, which is limited to people within your LAN only. But with this project, you will have all the markets at your fingertips, enabling you to access markets that you had never imagined.

12- Digital Marketing Ensures Business Survival Online

You can have lots of people visit your shop, only to leave without purchasing anything, claiming that they will come back at a later day. Same way, you can have a lot of online visitors but very few purchases. The only difference is that digital marketing gives you strategies to ensure that you have more traffic, but those that you highly target. Targeting the right people will lead to positive results. This ensures that your business remains relevant to the target audience and produces the results that will ensure your business survival.

In conclusion, digital marketing is not a passing façade. It is the way to go for any business that aims to survive and remain relevant in the 21st century. Remember, embrace it or become extinct.


About the Author: Janet Anthony is a blogger from Kansas City and content writer at Resumes.Expert who has been writing professionally BlogDash Contributorfor five years now. She mostly writes about digital marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Her motto is “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”. Find Janet here: twitter

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