Let’s talk about the new source of marketing

Let’s talk about the new source of marketing
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Social media plays a crucial role in all our daily lives. In the 21st century, every individual is connected to the social media very dedicatedly. There numerous social networking sites in trend presently. Social media helps people to share their thoughts, views, activities and many other walks of their daily life with friends, close relatives, colleagues and other mutual people. Connecting with close ones was very difficult a few years back. But, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of social networking sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many more of the similar kind, this task does not seem difficult anymore.

Social media and email marketing

Social media has also been very much useful in promoting email marketing these days. What is email marketing? It is a process in which advertisement of any commercial article is made through email. In this act, email is sent to a group of people at a time. Not only ads, even brand promotion, awareness about something, etc. are also part of email marketing. One of the most significant benefits that are made from email marketing is that the relationship of the merchant with his customers strengthens. One can easily convince customers regarding the purchase of a particular article through email marketing. Email marketing also helps to build trust and loyalty with the customer or reader.

Instagram trend

One of the most popular social media in trend is Instagram. Though it is a new addition to the list of popular social networking sites, it has gained popularity within a very short span of time. The question arises, how does this become possible? To become famous, any object or article needs promotion or advertisement.  Email marketing has made it possible to promote Instagram to a great extent. Many websites encourage Instagram and email marketing.

Instagram is a platform where we share photos and videos, add stories for the day. If live feds and stories promoting product brand can be introduced, it will give a boost to the promotion.   With the help of email marketing, more and more people are getting to know about this platform.

There are so many ways to promote social networking sites, but why should we choose email marketing as means of promotion?

  • Email marketing reaches targeted people-Earlier advertisements would either come on televisions or newspapers or posters. If a few would get know about it then for more than half of the mass, it passed unnoticed! But with email marketing, the advertisement reaches the targeted individual. It is made sure that the receiver is made aware of its contents.
  • Email marketing can be shared easily-With a click of a single forward option; the sender can send emails with advertisements to the desired people.
  • Email marketing can be measured-At the end of the entire work being fulfilled; you can obtain a data of how many people received the content out the number t which the mail was sent to.
  • Email marketing costs effective-While traditional mailing procedures employed people to post letters, print advertisements, put up banners, email marketing has no such issues. It is perhaps one of the most convenient ways of marketing.

Since Instagram is a huge social networking platform, it can be employed as one of the most significant tools to lengthen your contact list. Its popularity would always help marketers gain a lot of customers through Instagram. This idea might appear insane to many, but if carried out in a synchronized manner, it can be useful.

  • One needs to sign-up on Instagram with the email id. This email id should be made visible to the followers. You should give a catchy bio to your Instagram profile.
  • Once you get followers to your profile, you should start tracking their profiles as well to get acquainted with their interests. You should become familiar with all the benefits and habits of your customers.
  • Once, you have added a good count of customers to your list, and you can start sending them promos, ads, offers, and discounts. Since they are getting in touch with you through Instagram, they shall be up for interactive conversations.

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It is imperative for the marketer to maintain good terms with his or her customers which would help promote the business. Sending newsletters can be an icing on the cake in this case. Research says that Instagram consists of a considerable number of followers in comparison to Facebook. Thus the idea of email marketing through Instagram will lead you to flourish.

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