How Does One Go About Establishing Credibility Through Content Marketing?

How Does One Go About Establishing Credibility Through Content Marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing means consistently delivering quality content in an attempt to acquire new visitors or strategically encourage regular ones to act. Many people believe that online visibility is the key to establishing credibility. Visibility in this context, means getting your content somewhere, anywhere Google will see it. Although it helps get more eyeballs, it isn’t everything. While visibility may be important in getting your information out there, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will care enough to share it.

Knowing your audience is the root of creating content that will be viewed as valuable. The reality is, the better you know your site visitors the easier it will be to produce good content that will appeal to your target market. An article we found on describes efficient market research, and even goes on to say how it makes your brand more successful.

If you have read our previous blog posts, the concepts of connecting with people and building relationships aren’t new. Knowing the answer to the following question will help you produce content that your readers will want to share with people they care about.

What are people’s motivations for wanting to share content? The answer to this may be quite astonishing. Although you will have die hard fans wanting to share the content you create because of their brand loyalty, the majority of people share content to build deeper relationships with people in their social circle. They want connect, and be the ones to provide the information that others with the same interests will enjoy.

Now you must figure out what social media channels your visitors use most to engage with others and use them to your advantage. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are just a few popular avenues used to instantly share information as well as images. An interesting finding on, reveals mobile to be a hot tool used to share content. Less and less people are using their desktop computers to pass on data they feel is important for others to read.

What do you believe establishes credibility? Have you included any of the above in your content marketing strategies? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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