Developing Better Relationships with Mobile Marketing

Developing Better Relationships with Mobile Marketing

Have you begun using mobile marketing strategies to engage more closely with your customers? If your answer is no, we at BlogDash suggest you start today. More and more brands are designing websites that are optimized for mobile devices. Society has adopted the cell phone or as we now call it the smartphone, to fundamentally do everything! We carry this little computer with us in our pockets, in our purses and rely on it as our main communication tool. The impact that the smartphone has had on society is mind boggling, and this is why so many companies have begun thinking about incorporating this into their marketing strategy.

More than one billion people around the world own a smart phone. What is even more fascinating is that according to Google statistics, in the year 2013, roughly 90% of Americans who owned a smartphone, used it to brows the Internet daily. That number will continue to keep growing!

This emerging trend has savvy marketers using tactics to get consumers to act. We did some research and found some interesting pieces of information. One tactic worth mentioning was keeping content short and sweet. Customers viewing content on a smaller screen, makes getting rid of all the fluff and keeping it simple, a good idea. Knowing what your viewers want to see is key, because you do not want to eliminate vital information that will cost you sales.

An article we found on Mashable gives us a little more insight into how to improve your mobile strategy. In it, they explain how analyzing your viewers’ behaviours is an integral part of the process and should be done on a regular basis. Keeping track of traffic patterns, peak periods, and which pages are most popular will help you identify sales opportunities.

Although companies are slowly devoting a portion of their advertising spends on mobile, it still remains a very small part of their budget. It seems as though B2B companies are hesitating on the idea of going mobile. They feel like it may be an insufficient tool at this moment and are afraid to take the leap.

We, on the other hand think it is a good idea to start now. With statistics showing just how devoted we have become to our cell phones, making it part of your strategy will indeed help build better relationships with them.

What do you think about Mobile Marketing? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below!


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