Why Does your Business Need Content Marketing? – INFOGRAPHIC

Why Does your Business Need Content Marketing? – INFOGRAPHIC

Please take a look to the infographic below created by Content Media. The infographic summarizes the new trend of content marketing and online people behavior.

As you may know, the number of people who do research online prior to making a purchase has grown by 20% in the last year. The main purpose of online research is to get related information and recommendations. A latest study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank found that 81% of people check out products online before doing a purchase in a shop.

When people use their mobile device for getting answers or do something, it’s an opportunity for businesses to deliver. 51% of smartphone users have found a new company/product when doing a search on their phones.

To have success with blogging, you need to look at it as a must-have to promote business targets while also hooking up with your target market. Small businesses that blog receive 126% more lead growth compared to those who do not.

Social media marketing is rapidly growing to be one of the most significant parts of marketing tactic. Businesses around the world are finding the ways social media can give rise to the success and development in all aspects of their company. 92% of marketers in 2014 stated that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% revealing their efforts increased traffic to their sites.

71% of marketers and small business managers in an Animoto survey who used video marketing state it had a direct effect on their business. The cause people are attracted to videos is the potential to visually understand certain topics.

With regards to online business, content marketing is a foundation for bringing in customers and having a customer base.

In today’s electronic world, people are overloaded with advertisements. Because of this, businesses have difficulty to get their business message seen by customers. Now, to arrive at their target market, a growing number of businesses are counting on an appealing new technique: content marketing.

This means that text, images, and video content have to deliver information that is suitable and fascinating to people trying to find information on the Internet.

Content marketing is extremely important and is a secret for many businesses that not know what makes it be so effective. This infographic by can help break down why it is essential and what common things you can do to generate a powerful content marketing campaign.

If you need further information about this infographic and/or content marketing, you may want to contact Ana Maria De La Cruz from Content Media. You can also leave a comment in the comment section below.

the new trend of content marketing

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