5 reasons why blogging is important for your business

5 reasons why blogging is important for your business

Many business owners consider blogging as something for individuals, not companies. It’s true that blogging has been undermined as a branding strategy, but since content marketing is on the rise, it only makes sense to learn how to embrace this kind of platform and use it to communicate your brand message. Here are five good reasons why your business needs a blog right now.

1. Blogs show a company’s human face

A company website is all about professionalism, not familiarity. Visiting a page with a corporate atmosphere and sharp design won’t always induce users with a sense of engagement with the brand. Blogs are a perfect fit – they can show what kind of people stand behind the business and add additional value to the brand.

2. They improve brand awareness

As a business owner, you probably realize that your brand needs to thrive online. Brands are great because they foster a loyal community, give you credibility and show some consistency or character behind the company.

A blog is a perfect medium for deploying your branding strategy. Posting regularly will give you a chance to generate valuable content, which reflects the most important values attached to the brand.

Consumers can then interact with you on a meaningful level – some might even become brand evangelists and frequently share your content to their networks.

3. They go well with social media

Social media are important tools for branding strategies, and blogs can complement them in a valuable way. The truth is that social media networks don’t really allow you to develop long pieces of content – which are just as important as captivating visuals or inspirational quotes.

Attaching your blog post to a social media entry with a few catchy words will instantly generate traffic on your blog and on the company website. Every social media marketing campaign can be strengthened through a blog with some relevant content.

4. They drive traffic

And that’s how we reach another important point – the web traffic on your website. Blogs attract the audience to your content and since your blog is embedded on your company website, it’s just a few clicks away from potential conversion. This is especially important to those companies that plan to make sales directly through their websites.

Blogs can bring lots of traffic to your website since most search engines index them really fast. Choosing good keywords, you can ensure that your blog drives relevant traffic and dramatically improves the conversion rates of your website.

5. They build thought leadership

Every brand wants to be associated with excellence and there’s no better way to that than by becoming an industry thought leader. This is something that will put you in front of your competitors by miles. This can only be achieved through a blog, by posting some unique content that adds value to your sector’s online community.

What kind of articles should you aim at? Most importantly those that really help consumers solve a problem, such as  practical how-to guides offering new ideas on how to use your products in various situations. This kind of posts will generate sales and help others see how consumers achieve their goals with your products.

All things considered, blogging is definitely something you should get interested in, especially if you want to drive traffic to your website, spread the word about your services and increase your brand awareness. And who wouldn’t want that?

Tess Pajaron, BlogDash CollaboratorThis post was written by Tess Pajaron, a Community Manager at Open Colleges, an online learning provider based in Sydney, Australia. She has a background in Business Administration and Management.

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