4 content marketing strategies for small businesses that work

4 content marketing strategies for small businesses that work

In order to remain competitive in a fast paced continuously evolving world, small businesses need to market their content in the best possible way that not only attracts new users to their website, but it also converts potential clients to customers. Whether the content is generated by an in-house team or by outsourced agencies, your small business can gain multiple benefits and grow by leaps and bounds when you implement the right content marketing strategies. So, here are 4 easy to implement content marketing strategies that can boost your business.

4 content marketing strategies

surveys to understand your target market1-    Use surveys to understand your target market:

The first rule about any content you generate and post is that it should be specifically related to your target market. Of course, your market research about your product/ service can help you to figure out what your audience requires and wants to read. However, when you start to generate the content for social media websites or blogs, then prior to doing so, use a survey to understand your target market. This will help you to identify which channels will be more beneficial and attract more readers and what is that your audience wants to hear from you. This simple exercise will help you save money and time both.

what works and what doesn’t2-    Understand what works and what doesn’t:

Before you start researching on other websites or blogs for what works, you must look through your own previous posts/ articles/ blogs, to find what has worked for you and what has failed. You can also use a simple Google Analytics tool, which will let you analyze the performance of your past data on the basis of which you can generate new content. You can analyze the data for keywords the users have been using to search for your type of product/ service and build your content around those keywords.

what is trending3-    Look for what is trending and use it:

Social media is quite helpful in gathering knowledge about what latest gossip/ content is trending. So, if you structure your content around the already trending topics, you will easily find more users on your website as they are already looking for such topics. Facebook has introduced trending topics as well as Google and Twitter too. So, you will not find any difficulty collecting the relevant data.

visual aids4-    Incorporate visual aids:

You will read that many professional SEO’s focus intensely on the content, however you also need to focus on incorporating visual content in your posts. Readers are not only attracted by visual content like attractive pictures and videos, it is said that viewers retain more visual content than written material.

If you have the relevant expertise, you can also start a video blog. You can even shoot amateur, but interesting short videos from webcam that have the potential to entice customers and engage them. Such short videos can easily be posted on Facebook pages, in between blogs and on YouTube too. So, by using videos, you have the opportunity to not only engage your potential consumers, but you also have the chance to increase the retention of your content in your target market.

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