The Ultimate Guide to Writing Viral Sport Blog Posts

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Viral Sport Blog Posts

How to Write Viral Sport Blog Posts

If you are reading this blog post, then you are probably a huge fan of some kind of sports. You follow their news, visit games on different occasions, and have friends who share your passion.

But you might have recently decided that this passion might also turn into something more serious. Like blogging or reviews writing. Sports news writing can be a great niche to enter. And to make sure you know how to create blog posts about sports, we have gathered a list of important things to bear in mind to have your blog posts go viral.

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9 things to know when creating viral sports blog posts

1. Make the headline catchy

Do not use the clickbait as your main tool. But consider creating headlines that will make you wonder what the author really meant. No matter whether the readers agree or disagree with you, you should create something that will not let them simply go by. Readers might strongly disagree with you or agree with you right away. You can also make them angry or simply curious. By all means evoke reaction and make sure that they engage with the content.

2. Add a quote in a headline

People are more likely to find quotes more interesting than a regular story shared online. Thus, you need to find the exact words athletes said before or after the game. Show how they felt about the score instead of simply mentioning who won and who lost.

People that are only interested in the topic a little bit will be satisfied with an article that only contains the general overview of the situation. But the real fans (who by the way will be sharing the article after all) need the real juice. And it’s better if this juice can be seen in the headline.

So, quote a player in the title!

3. Express an idea people will want to support

Even though it might be hard to apply to sports blog posts, there is always a way to present news in a way that will want people to support you. Do not state the obvious, but rather find a new way to talk about news.

If you want to go viral, you will have to create content people will want to share. And since what they share characterizes their belief system and creates certain image, they will share only the articles that make them look good or demonstrate something about themselves. Something for you to think about, right?

4. Create the feeling of uniqueness

When you know that you will be the only one to know something, you feel quite special. And that is why so many people want to click and open an article that title of which promises the reader something really unique and special.

We’ll put it this way: gossips and peeking into someone’s private life is unethical, even though people want to know such things. So, you might want to stay away from sharing such details of athletes’ lives. However, there might be other things to share this way.

Create the atmosphere that this information is worth a lot, so that people will want to share it.

5. Have it all structured

The article about sports should have a very clear and concise structure. You need to start with a short summary of what has happened, including the teams participating, the final score and the leading players. Then continue to a well-fitting quote by one of the key personalities in that game and resume into more details about an ongoing game.

Insert quotes in the beginning and then explain them or provide your comments in the main body.

If you keep your post structured this way, you will help users walk through the story with you. Otherwise, they might stumble upon some details and not follow you through.

6. Sound controversial

Do not be afraid to sound controversial. Sometimes standing out of the crowd with your opinion is a key to going viral on the Internet.

Analyze what people think about the game on average and present your own thoughts about it in a controversial manner. If you know that people will disagree with you as soon as the title of your post will come to their attention, you know that you are on the right path.

However, to stand your ground this way and not to look ridiculous, you need strong arguments to support your position. Be objective and real instead of simply being stubborn.

7. Add bright images

Majority of people these days perceive information better when it’s supported with some visuals. Good pictures during the game or maybe even videos will do wonders for you here!

Remember about the copyright though, and if you cannot take pictures yourself, always refer to those who made these visuals.

But as long as you break no laws, the overall effect of images in your content is an excellent way to make your sports blog posts go viral.

8. Remember about season previews and summary posts in the end

Another type of content that can go viral is sports preview and wrap-up in the end of the season. You might share your predictions on the upcoming games or analyze everything that took place during the season. Depending on the level of expertise you have, you can go into greater details But it is only relevant to those writers who know the industry like their own hand.

9. Make it personal

Finally, standard classic articles won’t be shared. People are sick and tired of all the standard information they get on a daily basis.

So, if you can demonstrate your own unique style and make it interesting and fun, your content will stand out. And people supporting your views and loving your style will share your insights.

Writing about sports is really fun. And if you are following sports news on a regular basis, then you will have no problem sharing them with your readers. However, apart from a deep expertise and solid knowledge of the topic is only half of what you need to create shareable content. You also need to know the basics of creative writing that is most likely to get liked and shared.

Above, we have mentioned nine ways of how to create content that will go viral. Use them to see a significant increase in likes and shares of your articles online. After all, it is what every writer is striving for!

If you have other ideas on how to create sports blog posts that will go viral, do not hesitate to share the, with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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