How to improve your posts with video content

How to improve your posts with video content

Industry experts expect 2015 to be the year of content marketing. The importance of this form of digital marketing will urge brands to find new ways of providing valuable and engaging content, interacting with consumers and building stronger relationships. Marketers will use blogs even more often, making sure that each and every post has something interesting and unique to offer.

Video Content

We all know that visuals play a key role in content marketing, and smart marketers will be using this format to enrich their posts and make them more captivating. How to create a beautiful and professionally-looking video for your post? Here are 6 indispensable tools that can help you creating your video content.


Wideo is a simple online app to make the video-making process simpler and quicker. You can start from scratch or choose one of video templates offered by the tool. All you need to do is add your images, music and logos, arrange them appropriately and you got yourself a professional-made marketing video. To create your video content, this tool will be perfect for those of you who have no experience in movie-making. If a 45-second video isn’t enough, buy the full version – you’ll also get access to some exclusive features.


This is a practical tool that allows mixing various media (photos, videos and music) to create original videos and embellish your written content. You can choose from a number of practical themes. It’s enough to add your materials of choice (even maps!) and you’ll get a great video to place in your post. The tool features two robots to help you record your voice and create a voice-over effect, which has a lot of potential. After creating your video content, you can easily publish it on your YouTube channel and embed it on your website.


If you’re thinking about animated videos, have a look at GoAnimate. The tool will help you make professional animated videos in a matter of a few clicks. Choose one of the templates and themes, add your background, pick the right characters, texts and props and then animate them all to life. The tool is easy to use and can quickly turn your ideas into professionally-looking animated videos.


This is a fun tool for creating animated videos, as well as video presentations. You can use it for creating videos to explain your service or provide informative product demos. Features an intuitive user interface, making video creation available to practically everyone. The free version will place a watermark in your videos. You can remove it by paying at least $18 and gain on the quality of your work. You have the choice on how you want to see your video content look likes.


This is a simple video creator, which can save you a lot of time when preparing your marketing videos. You can create attractive visual content in a few steps: choose your visuals, add some music, style and other elements, and, finally, share your work online or embed it on your website. The tool is also available as an app for mobile, allowing you to create captivating product videos on the go.


This tool is perfect if what you’re looking for are zooming video presentations, which highlight key points of your post. Some claim that using Prezi is at first challenging, but once you get the hang of it, the tool can help you create really great video content. Prezi supports various media formats, so there’s nothing standing between you and engaging visuals.

It’s clear that marketers today can benefit from a wide variety of practical tools for creating custom-made videos that highlight key aspects of their brand. This kind of video content is both engaging and sends a brand message that resonates with consumers.

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