What is essential for the success of any freelance writer?

What is essential for the success of any freelance writer?

Ever dream of being your own boss?

Of not being ordered to be by bosses and getting into fights with subordinates? Of escaping the stress of being a part of a complex office where more often time is wasted on unnecessary personal interactions?

Well, freelance writing is a way by which one can fulfil one’s dreams of financial independence without being burdened by the daily rough and tough office life.  If your passion and your talent lies in writing, then this certainly the career of choice for you.  Just think about it, the time you earn your first payment for your writing, you are already an independent self-employed person, pursuing your passion at your own pace of time. More importantly, you would be happy doing something that you love. Students would gain a lot of valuable experience when freelance writing as a part time or full time job as it will help them develop many skills.

If you want more encouragement, read this: In fact, reports show that the freelance writing industry is showing an increase in growth from 8% to 12 % from 2008 to 2011. The number of jobs has increased over the years from 200, 000 in 2012 to 300, 000 in 2013.  That shows that there is a huge, huge demand out there for aspiring and experienced and skilled freelance writers.

But it is not that easy to survive and succeed in freelance writing and there are some challenges which can make even the most talented doubt whether they should quit their normal 900 to 500 pm job.  You need to be really prepared at many levels before you jump into freelance writing. However, if you keep in mind a few things, you would certainly be able to successfully conquer your doubts and create a successful career for yourself.

1.  Commitment

Freelance writing requires the same level of commitment as the traditional nine to five. If you need to succeed as a freelance writer, you need to display a professional attitude throughout towards your task. You should be able to accept assignments which you are able to do. You should be able to submit the work on or before time. You should be open and receptive to feedback. In short, while freelance writing differs from traditional writing in that you get to choose your timings and work place, it requires just the same level of commitment as other professions do.

2. Action counts

Do not wait for the right and perfect moment to start your work. Start on your writing and improve along the way. You get to learn on the job. The mistakes, the corrections, the feedback, the acceptance and rejections would also teach you how to improve on your

3. Motivation counts

Don’t wait for people to motivate you or push you in your freelance writing dreams. You are the only source of your own motivation: You need to commit to a task and stick to it till it completes. In case you are distractible, you can use a variety of ways to keep yourself focussed – such as by using timers and blocking time out for productive writing work.

4. Interact more

One key aspect to successful freelance writing is that you need to constantly engage with people online and offline to bring in more assignments. Hence freelance writing not only is about following your writing passion, but also helps you become a good communicator and a great marketer. You need to brand, promote and drive yourself. It is all about branding and creating a professional and trustworthy; reliable image. Social media apps and tools as well as sites such as linked.in can be used to promote your writing as well as your availability as a freelance writer. The more contacts you make the more chances of assignments.

5. Pitching

For pitching for assignments from magazines and other publications, it is advisable to use the e-mail. This is less intrusive, more professional and you can display your writing skills at the preliminary stage itself. Most editors prefer this way of getting pitches. At the same time, the e-mail with the pitching content should not be full length. Just send a snippet which is sure to trigger their liking and their attention. Once you have hooked them, you can then send in the whole article, if they respond and express interest.

Other important things which writers need to keep in mind while pitching to prospective clients, is that the pitch should not be just the topic. It should build a story around the topic i.e. if you are looking to write creative writing based assignments. The story should be the kind which should appeal to the audience which the magazine targets. The pitch should also be related to the kind of content which the magazine wants to publish. If you send in the wrong kind of content to the magazine publishers, the chances of getting rejected increases.

If you are new to blogging, we strongly recommend you to read this article “Do not proceed until you use these helpful blogging tools.” If you are already a freelancer and have tips, why not sharing them and help your fellows? Please comment in the section below.


This article was submitted by Mallory Zoe, a part-time blogger and a student counselor with a research paper writing service. She was formerly a lecturer at Samford University. In addition to blogging, she loves to read about healthy living, and she follows an active lifestyle.Mallory Zoe

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    I too want to become a free lancer , but I have heard that you need to pay some amount as guarantee before getting any job.

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