5 Common things all Big online Communities have

5 Common things all Big online Communities have

Online Communities

The truth is everyone would love to have huge online communities evolving around our blog. But the reality is something that is not achieved just by wanting, but doing and for that we must have a few things clear, key tips to keep in mind so we can achieve success.

Creating strong, solid online communities and being proud of it is no easy task. In fact, I would say it is something that only a minority can develop. What we have clear is that there is a few common denominators that we find in each and every big community of any market, no matter which channel either : YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, etc…

1. Help

Helping means a quick response, answering with property on the subject matter, it means adding value. And let’s not forget about giving to receive. For example: link one of your user’s blog and worry about who are they and in the next post make an example using one of your frequent users.

2. Ethic

My grandma’ always said: ” Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you. “. And well, following this, do not cheat your users, if you tell them you won’t send any spam or ads via email, DON’T, not even when you’ve reach 400K users.

3. Consistency

There’s no way to generate an active and strong community if you publish content every once in a blue moon. Be consistent, and not only that, also provide quality, and personalized formats.

Consistency is also cherishing your users, all of them every day!

4. Interest

Worry about your users. Who are they? What do they like? Since when they are your followers? The more you know about your audience the more you’ll have to work a relationship with them. Without interest towards others you’ll never get anything from them.

Remember what I said previously: Give to receive!

Tip: Users that comment your blog are leaving most of the times an URL to their blog in their comment. Take your time and check, who’s that one who is always leaving some love in your comment box? Visit their blogs, add a comment, grow interest in their content. That user may be your #1 influencer, the one to make your community boost up and become something big!

5. Authenticity

Authenticity, honesty, personality… be yourself! Yes, it is a subject but it is also reality! You won’t get the rest of world to follow you if you do the same as the rest of the world? Stand out! Give a little love and hate in every post, but do not leave any of your users out!

So now I ask you, What are YOU doing to build a bigger community around your company or brand? Trust your content on BlogDash, and we are sure you will see the difference!

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