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Data Safety Tips for the Small Business

Data Safety Tips

Data Safety Tips The online attacks have on the rise over a couple of years. In the year of 2017, there was one of the huge cyber ransomware attack on the corporate sector and as well as the government sector of all time. The security of the entire world was fallen and plenty of underdeveloped and developed countries had affected ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Viral Sport Blog Posts

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Viral Sports Blog Posts

How to Write Viral Sport Blog Posts If you are reading this blog post, then you are probably a huge fan of some kind of sports. You follow their news, visit games on different occasions, and have friends who share your passion. But you might have recently decided that this passion might also turn into something more serious. Like blogging ... Read More »

Freelancer’s Guide in Providing Content that the Busy Architect Really Needs

Content For Busy Architect

Content For Busy Architect An architect has a tonne of things on their to-do list. Their focus is in designing homes and buildings which rise from paper to the ground. They prioritise the hard stuff. Like any other business, these architects need a stable marketing plan for them to have a consistent flow of projects. Unfortunately,  marketing, particularly writing an ... Read More »

How to improve your posts with video content

video content

Industry experts expect 2015 to be the year of content marketing. The importance of this form of digital marketing will urge brands to find new ways of providing valuable and engaging content, interacting with consumers and building stronger relationships. Marketers will use blogs even more often, making sure that each and every post has something interesting and unique to offer. ... Read More »

How to Balance Content Creation and Content Curation

New BlogDash

Balance Content Creation and Content Curation Effectively Valuable content is your heaviest weapon in the fight for Internet audience and high Website rankings. Like everyone else on Earth though, you too sometimes lack the time or inspiration to produce outstanding quality pieces for your blog. These are the moments when you most often resort to content curation. There is nothing ... Read More »

How To Improve Content Marketing Strategically

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Today, content marketing is synonymous to direct marketing. There are very few content marketers who actually have the knack of this approach. Content marketing is all about planning and forecasting, defined as a technique for marketing that helps in generating and allocating helpful and pertinent content to a target audience that can be attracted towards it and get ... Read More »

5 Common things all Big online Communities have

online Communities

Online Communities The truth is everyone would love to have huge online communities evolving around our blog. But the reality is something that is not achieved just by wanting, but doing and for that we must have a few things clear, key tips to keep in mind so we can achieve success. Creating strong, solid online communities and being proud ... Read More »

Tips for Beginners: Making your Blog Successful


Beginners Hi everybody! We are already into our 128th week of round-ups! This one’s dedicated to all the beginners out there who are either thinking of starting a blog or have just begun.  Are you asking yourself questions such as “How do I start?” or “How can I be sure my blog will succeed?” Well, you are in luck! We ... Read More »