How Small Businesses Can Make Their App More Discoverable

How Small Businesses Can Make Their App More Discoverable

Small Businesses and Their App

With so many famous businesses topping the app charts, getting up there can be a huge challenge for less known companies. The majority of customers use their smart phones and the best way to connect with them is through a well-designed and clever app. But how can you make your app discoverable? So if you invested time and money into creating the app, you have to market it properly as well. You don’t have to spend a lot in order to make your it popular – these marketing tips and tricks will get the app on the right track and slowly build the user base.

Attractive landing page

Creating a landing page for your app can attract more potential users and set you apart in the highly competitive app stores. It will prompt them to leave you reviews and ratings which can boost it and make it known to a wider audience.

It is important to keep the landing page simple and easy to navigate but provide enough information about the app itself. So include some of the key features, as well as descriptions of the overall user experience and a couple of screenshots. A landing page can be an excellent marketing move because it does promote your app away from the store which can be very beneficial.

The launch day

If you know the date of the launch, starting a social media campaign at least two or three months prior to the unveiling of your app is a very smart move. It will give you enough time to hype it up and make your clients excited about your new app.

Start by publishing teasers or interesting posts that will prompt your customers to communicate with you. Update your blog regularly with engaging posts and maintain the official landing page. You can also move the campaign off the web when the launch date draws nearer. Create a promo event and invite bloggers, social media influencers, press, etc. This can provide your app with enough media coverage to make everyone excited about the launch.

The reviews

Once the app hits the store, getting positive reviews should be your goal. They can quickly draw attention to it and your business. Start by engaging your family and friends by sharing the app on your social media profiles. Also you can use such tools as TLDR,  Yotpo, Omnistartell, Improvely, that can increase your traffic and sales.

You can then introduce it to the rest of the followers, including the target audience. The first wave of reviews is crucial because they can create a buzz in the online communities. So encourage everyone around you to download it and leave a review.

Find the audience through influencers

Influencers are huge in the marketing world today. A single review can make or break a product. So if you know your target audience and you are confident in your app, contact an influencer that reviews products or apps which are relevant to the category of your own app. An influencer needs to have a large following and they should know how to make a detailed review.

Once they publish their opinion, their followers will probably be intrigued and interested in their recommendation which will spike up the downloads. But make sure that you choose the right person to do this. If the influencer of your choice talks mainly about street style but your app is about movies, the majority of their followers will not download it.


If you run a small business, the chances are you cannot spend a lot of money on huge marketing campaigns. Use the availability of the social media to promote your app and make it known to your target audience. So play it smart and follow these steps because they can help your app enter the charts and stay there.


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