How to Connect to the Business to Consumer Content Marketing Audience

How to Connect to the Business to Consumer Content Marketing Audience

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Trying to appeal to different audiences does have its challenges. Content marketing for a consumer audience would sound, look and present differently. For instance, the kind of content that would appeal to a business audience such as graphs, statistics or white papers probably would not fit very well with a consumer audience who would much prefer content related to purchasing deals, discounts or entertainment.

These two totally different styled audiences visit websites for wholly different reasons, which is why it’s important to tailor your content marketing strategy to appeal them in different ways. All it takes is a little understanding about what your consumer audience needs and wants in their content, then create that type of content to draw them in. Here are some effective content marketing strategies that are useful and effective:

  • Consumers want content that provides instant gratification. This includes purchasing deals or coupons, or current news information in entertainment or fashion. You only get a brief moment to appeal to the consumer, so you have to make your content appeal to them right away. For example, if you’re advertising for a dog food product, write your content as informative and valuable, and at the end of the article, include a link to purchase the product at a discount or provide a free sample, if possible.
  • Consumers much prefer content that is succinct, quick and to the point. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have longer content such as reviews or reports, but make sure the content is tightly targeted and provides lots of testimonials (relationship marketing) and white space to break up the text.
  • Digital content marketing is a very big hit with consumers, so Youtube marketing and video marketing can be a very effective tool for most any brand to use. Think: video infomercials, short films, etc.
  • While website flash marketing can be annoying for some consumers, it might just work for your brand, depending on the product and how it’s presented. It’s best to test this within a smaller segment of your audience before launching a full campaign.
  • Consumers prefer stories and real-life applications. This is why it’s helpful to your content marketing campaign to include testimonials and reviews where appropriate. Make sure your blog content includes more emotionally connecting points rather than business applications. This would include things like magnifying the benefits of a product, or what the product can help the consumer achieve. Always point out things in your content that the consumer can easily identify with, drawing them in to the product or service.

What other business to consumer content marketing techniques do you think work with consumer audiences? What methods do you use (if any) right now on your site that work or don’t work?

I’d love to hear what you think. Contact me at blogging [at] blogdash [dot][com] to give me your list and I might include them in my upcoming blog posts.


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