Why It’s So Important to Detect Click Fraud

Why It’s So Important to Detect Click Fraud

Detecting Click Fraud

If you want to use PPC for your website promotion( and it`s a very effective strategy), you should know all about Google click fraud. Yes, Google click fraud is a common thing which is very unpleasant for online businesses. If you still doubt in the necessity of Google click fraud monitoring, just read about Mehbot operation.

Click Fraud Monitoring is a Must if You Don’t want  Second Mehbot

So you  still think that fraudulent activity is a myth on the Internet, then you haven’t heard about Russian hackers who managed to create software to exhaust the budget of advertisers and publishers for $5 million daily with the help of Mehbot scam. And it`s just the beginning of huge  scam. Moreover, bots are becoming more sophisticated and  Google cannot differentiate them from human beings. That`s why simple online advertisers should know how to detect click fraud.

Experts say that in order to catch sophisticated bots and detect click fraud some sophisticated software is required.The most recent scam  exceeded all the security expectations of Google: the network of computers generated huge fake traffic to some fake websites  by pretending people and imitating  typical people`s behavior on the Internet. The whole network of computers which operated hundreds of  thousands of bots were ruled by hackers and were caught accidentally by the company called White Ops.

The hackers managed to earn  at lst $5 million daily just because online advertisers didn’t learn how to detect click fraud. So what did hackers do?

They created hundreds of thousands of bots and registered them on fake addresses. The whole program, called Methbot, was supposed to imitate real users` behavior. For instance, the program knew how to start and stop video clips several minutes after watching. The program coped with the most trivial operations on websites.  And the most interesting thing is that Google didn’t recognize the activity of hundreds thousands of bots as suspicious and fraudulent. If you aren’t impressed yet and doubt that click fraud monitoring is an important thing, just think about these numbers:

The whole company of bots was able to watch 300 million video ads  every day. If you have video ads on your website you can estimate the probable loss and then you can finally feel shocked.

The thing is the Mehbot case might have made the most noise, but it`s just one of many  Internet scams.  Online advertisers got used to the activity of bots and claim that as much as 30% of all “users` activity” is performed by bots.  Experts claim that marketing agencies often don’t know how to detect click fraud because Google doesn’t pay attention to it.

Click Fraud Monitoring for Future

The Association of National Advertisers decided to calculate the money that will be lost this year because of fraudulent activity.  The number is again very impressive for those involved into online marketing:

Up to $7 billion can be “consumed” because of bots, and most of the sum will be connected to video because it’s one of the most expensive marketing methods. So you should learn how to detect click fraud now. And this post can help you.

There are several ways of how Google click fraud might happen. In most cases you must blame your competitor  who would like to be ranked higher on Google and will learn all about your SEO. He can make your online business problematic in many different ways. He or the bots created by him can click on the ad  so many times that it will reach the limit and the main search engine will hide this ad. In some cases competitors can hire special people to click on your ads or they can buy a special software to make it automatically with the help of bots. You competitor can even block your ads for a day or two with the help of hackers if they want. In all the cases you will have to pay for PPC and will get zero traffic as a result.

It is an easy method to destroy your business  by exhausting your resources. In such a way your competitor will be able to take your place with minimal costs.  If you place your ad on some website, website owners can clicks on this ad moving their websites higher. However, if you think that the situation is bad and nothing can be done about it, I will share a good news with you: it’s possible to detect click fraud and prevent it!

Google Click is Weak. What Can  You Do?

Click fraud monitoring tools and strategies are easy to understand and implement if you want to generate high-quality traffic.

So here are the most popular methods of click fraud monitoring and detection:

  1. Tracking Weird Behavior  Patterns of Your Users is the Best Way to Detect Click Fraud

It’s the most reliable of click fraud monitoring software. If you conversion rate is not changing sufficiently but you are noticing that there are more clicks than you often have without no particular reason. Of course, if your clicks cost a lot than even few suspicious clicks can drown your whole ad campaign. So you should always be careful and be 100%informed about Google click fraud. Detecting click fraud is the most reliable way to save your website from dishonest competitors.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on Real Visitors` Engagement

If you dream to understand the essence of  the work of Google’s click quality team, then you should learn  the following information. Google click fraud analysis consists of three major components:  your own research data, clicks that cannot be proved, and  some weird patterns.

In reality Google is unable to detect click fraud that was performed by people on some local level. Click fraud monitoring system of Google fails when there are signs of real engagement of the visitor. The most popular search engine does not analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of a company’s website. And It`s the second most popular method of click fraud monitoring.

Well, to detect click fraud the overall users` behavior and engagement must be analyzed. You should pay special attention to any suspicious engagement of visitors.

  1. Make sure Google click fraud issues are Reported

If you detect click fraud, you should definitely report about it. It will prevent further click frauds and will save your PPC. You shouldn’t only be able to detect click fraud but you should know what to do with it.

So Google click fraud has never been more serious threat. Protect your online business now.

If you faced any issue with click fraud? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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