How Facial Recognition Solutions are Transforming Multiple Industries

How Facial Recognition Solutions are Transforming Multiple Industries

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition – A technology that is use to identify a person through unique facial features information. The facial characteristics are recognised on the basis of which an entity is verified in mere seconds. These traits include the distance between eyes, face contouring, chin shape, face shape, etc.

This information is store in the database when 2D,  3D sensors recognise the face and scan it. This information is store in digital form. Algorithmic approaches use which match the real-time captured image with the information previously store in the database.

Facial recognition technology and Law enforcement agencies

Facial Recognition technology is leveraging in the scope of crime detection and interception mechanisms. Against increasing cyberattacks, money laundering, and terrorist financing. Law enforcement agencies set up to take technological solutions to combat the fraud risks.

Face verification solutions are use for surveillance and police investigation norms to catch criminals. This technology is embed in street cameras through which criminals are track and detect. These cameras are place in public squares and streets to verify each face and spot criminals through the face.

US police are using this technology to combat crimes. Face verification technology is use with a blend of AI technology. To combat a variety of security problems, online and also within an organisation, face verification solutions software is in use.
Let’s have a wide perspective over the use-cases of face recognition technology at the industrial level:

FinTech Industry

Modern financial institutions are replacing traditional banking standards with advance ways for identity verification. Even online verification is done by online financial portals for the identity verification process.

To ensure Know Your Customer (KYC), due diligence processes, financial sectors perform verification customer and screening to make sure that honest identity is becoming part of the system, which has not involved in any criminal activity before.

In online face verification, the on boarding entity is asked to upload official identity documents and then a picture is captured which verifies the user after matching the face with a picture on documents. In this way, online financial institutions conduct the identity verification process.

The fin-tech industry is utilising this technology to secure the financial networking system in an efficient manner. To assure authorised access to data, users should be first verified and authenticated, this will eliminate the risks of a data breach and identity theft incidences growing at an exponential level.
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Retail Industry

The retail industry is highly prone to money laundering and terrorist financing activities. A large number of entities are facilitate by these platforms without the knowledge of beneficial owners.

The retail industry is in need of an identity verification solution through which it makes sure that no criminal is aid through their business. For this, a customer must be screen through criminal record databases. One way to do this is to match the entity with the list of criminals through online face verification.

Using face biometrics, each on boarding entity is verified which performs a background check for verification. In the case of neglecting of customer screening, the industry would have to bear hefty regulatory fines and penalties.

Healthcare Industry

Significant utilisation of technology in the healthcare industry is revolutionising the ways for prescription and patient record keeping. It is not just limited to this, within the organisation, the facial recognition system is use to identify the working staff, doctors, and patients who belong to that hospital.

A patient is verified through face verification and a doctor is able to see all the medical information in mere seconds. Instead of manually keeping huge data, all the information is store digitally.

Various aspects are associate with this, face verification help hospitals, the overall healthcare industry to take in place modern verification solution.

Travel Industry

Today, in airports, customer boarding has become efficient and easier with Biometric Identification Online. In real-time, an entity is verify instead of manually checking documents as well passport.

Now passengers, airport staff, do not need to undergo hefty traveler verification. In this way, the waiting time of travellers have the headache of traditional verification will be eliminate.

The travel industry is rapidly remodelling boarding ways with real-time verification. The record is store in the database and through face verification, facial features are match with the internal database on the base of which, identity is verify in a few seconds.

To conclude, whether an online business who need to verify identities online to combat financial crimes with several cyber crimes, industries that using devices or cameras to authenticate entities, face recognition technology is use.

This technology not only efficiently perform the task of identity verification, may be is harness by several industries for various purposes.

One of the common aims is to deter the risks of fraud and ensuring security by allowing only authorised entities to become part of legitimate business.

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