What Decisions to Make while Redesigning B2B Website

What Decisions to Make while Redesigning B2B Website

Redesigning B2B Website

One has to be through with the purpose and objective of designing a website. It becomes more important and pivotal when the site is designed as B2B. A B2B website has to be briefer, crisper, and easy to use in terms of delivering the intended message. One should take care of the visual impacts in a way which not only leaves a lasting impression on the visitors. In fact, it should be able to attract and generate further new clients also. In order to be effective, the website must follow the web design and the flow should be smooth. The website should be designed like it is telling a story about the offers to the clients, at the same time the background of the organization it is working for.

What Decisions to Make while Redesigning B2B Website?

Defining and Determining the Sales Strategy

Before you initiate your hunt for a website designer or the agency for the same to be hired. It is important to define and determine the sales strategy of the website to support sales functions. In case the most of your existing business comes from the referrals or known circle, and you wish to have the website just to showcase the credibility. The defining and determining the sales strategy defines the fate and the kind of website that you require.

Decide and Allocate the Budget

Ultimately the website works 24*7* 365 days as a sales tool and crucial of every B2B firm’s marketing and communication efforts. It is most of the time dependent on your choice of website and support system to facilitate the sales. It is also a detrimental factor based on your budget or it can be said that it will decide the budget. E.g. In case your website plays a significant role in generating the leads and support the sales function, needless to say, will be requiring higher the budget.

Short-listing and Deciding Internal Project Team

As it is said that, “Too many cooks spoil the food”. The same way you should not be having a team of too many to decide. In fact, a team of two to five people is good enough to run the project.  You want a small team, ideally of 2 to 4 people, having the ability to manage the project. One should be able to understand the company’s marketing and business objectives and should have the qualities to make decisions. It’s of utmost importance that the team you choose gets approval and acceptance in the organization. Otherwise, it can cause huge delays in a b2b web design project.

USP or Unique Selling Proposition

You should be able to decide and communicate to the customer your concise unique selling proposition. It is well-known fact that a consumer does not buy a product or service, the consumer buys bundle or benefit. The USP or Unique selling proposition briefly conveys the message to the potential customer.

Optimal Design and the Copy

For the web design, keep in mind the company’s objective, nature of business and mission statement, the marketer decides upon the copy and visual design to be used in the website creation. It should not be too bold nor it should be kept too simple. It should be so designed that it serves the ultimate motive.

Basic and Bare Minimum information sharing

You need to provide the basic and bare information to be shared on the website. It can be in both texts as well as visual. It helps in having effectively communicated the message. The rationale behind the minimum amount of copy and design has to be there:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do we compare to other companies within our industry?
  • Why should a client choose our firm?

These are the few queries and they have to be referred and the website should have sufficient basic information sharing. This is one of the significant steps for the purpose of delivering your key message through this basic information.  It has been seen that the Human beings are getting shorter attention nowadays. It is evident and correlates to mention here that people do not read or navigate for long period nowadays.

While you may also put the longer copies and heavy site, but that doesn’t mean that visitors are going to read it or notice it even.

Call-to-Action or Touchpoints for Visitors

You must provide some platform to the visitors on your website so that when they visit, they should be able to connect with your company through the website. The following options should be given due consideration:

  • General contact form
  • Taking or scheduling the consultation
  • Request a demo
  • Request a price quote
  • Downloading a guide or case study

It is the responsibility of the marketer to provide an effective call-to-action based on the basis of your business and sales strategy.

Providing Constructive and Specific Feedback

While you work with an agency or the web designer, the process of providing constructive and specific feedback is very important.  Only you can decide which is better for you and how you can make it better.

The constructive and specific feedback enables and motivates them to improvise and revise as per the company’s vision. The smaller group dedicated to the task of giving the constructive and specific feedback helps in right and swift decision-making process.

Brand Positioning and Sensibility

While making the web designing and content decisions, you should be targeting the objective way. Although most of the time, it is advisable to go as per your gut feelings. Understanding and Capturing the central idea and essence of your company seems to be an emotional process and is often subjective. The job of the designer and the copywriter is to synthesize as per the feedback. You should provide visuals and text that fit the tone, and the same should be suitable to communicate your message.

I hope you learned something from this post. If you have any comment about B2B website, please share in the comment section below.

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