Best Apps for Entrepreneurs during This Pandemic

Best Apps for Entrepreneurs during This Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across the world at an incredible speed, leaving everyone in its wake feeling anxious, stressed, and scared. As per official reports, the United States has registered the highest Coronavirus death toll worldwide, reporting 114,669 deaths and counting. Not only have lives been lost, but the stock market in the United States has also been severely impacted. More and more businesses are losing their existing customers and people are becoming unemployed. The situation is grim. Businesses, schools, colleges, and other institutions are relying on technology—now more so than ever—for assistance in maintaining a positive way of life, soothing their minds, and developing resilience.

We know that in the United States, small businesses currently account for more than 99% of all existing businesses,generating millions of new avenues of employment every year and engaging 50 percent of the workers in the U.S.A. With stringent lockdown regulations in place for nonessential businesses, numerous business owners are struggling to stay afloat in the next few months. Fortunately, we have identified several big businesses aiding small business owners through free tools and steep discounts. Gary Saitowitz has compiled an arsenal of best apps that are great for the smooth functioning of small businesses.

Recommendation No.1: GoDaddy

GoDaddy has developed free tools for supporting the online marketing endeavors of small businesses. Therefore, GoDaddy is providing their marketing tools and website platform for free to small businesses. In the event you are utilizing Facebook and Google Business accounts, you could take advantage of GoDaddy’s social media design tools with their free trial subscription for three months.

Recommendation No.2: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is currently providing a free, customized website domain for up to five years. Mailchimp’s utility expands beyond the website building, though, and provides free email marketing tools to help you manage your customer base. Mailchimp is establishing an impressive landing page or e-commerce store to encourage business and internet traffic to your site.

Recommendation No. 3: Paychex

Paychex is a useful platform to manage benefits and payroll. Due to the current situation, it has also been offering State Unemployment Insurance and payroll services for free, with the trial period lasting three months. Paychex is also offering HR support for this trial period. Paychex has been widely regarded as an effective advertising platform for small businesses. It is an all-in-one solution for every need, including but not limited to: HR-payroll, benefits, time & attendance, and even more.

Recommendation No.4: Panopto

As per, you can get an opportunity to gain free access for a period of three months to effectively capture and seamlessly disseminate video content predominantly for businesses, colleges, schools, and universities and enable students and employees for educational and professional purposes.

Recommendation No. 5: 1Password

1Password is an efficient password management tool for generating strong and complex passwords for helping you to keep your valuable information secure. 1Password for Business first six months are initially free. The platform helps in keeping your remote workforce completely safe online. It is simple to share logins securely.Also, Your team could be accessing remote company passwords, working tools, and everything that could be necessary – all while working from home. The tool utilizes effective techniques including end-to-end encryption for keeping all your business data safe.

Recommendation No.6: Zoho

Zoho grants businesses a suite of free remotely accessible apps. There are 11 apps including those for online training sessions, meetings, project management. And daily routine work including spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations.

Recommendation No.7: Zoom

Zoom is a relatively new video conferencing app that has gained phenomenal popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Until recently, few knew about Zoom. However, the platform enjoys widespread popularity though its necessity as a teleconferencing tool for many businesses and schools alike.

Recommendation No. 8: Skype for Business

Those businesses and organizations relying on Skype for Business feel that it is a robust messaging, teleconferencing, and communication solution for connecting anywhere, anytime. Similarly this app is extremely secure,due to the stringent security policies upheld by Microsoft.


The app industry is gaining traction in terms of installs, interactions, and engagement during this unprecedented time. Business apps are an excellent platform for helping users to perform their professional activities in a way that is as close to normal as possible.

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