How do Travel Bloggers Generate Money?

How do Travel Bloggers Generate Money?

Is this the question that has been troubling you for some time? Making money through the travel blog is not as hard as you think. It is about the understanding of how the internet works.

The idea of travel itself is powerful and earning money from it is a dream come true for many of us. It is not always about writing or sharing stories, it is about how you share it and with whom. You need a lot of hours and hard work to create income from a travel blog. It is all about the dedication and time you put in for this task.

Be authentic and have a passion for your work

Being original in this era of the internet/social media is really difficult. You should not copy from others and be fake to achieve everything in a short period of time. Think about what makes you different from others and try to explore it more. The audience loves the original concept and idea.

They don’t want to visit you if you are the same as other bloggers. You must have a passion for what you do. You must make it funny and exciting enough to attract the masses.

Guest post on other blogs

In the beginning, no one knows there is a new travel blogger in the market. You should make your presence felt by writing a guest post on other popular blogs. It gives you a larger idea of how this world works. Posting on popular blogs gives you a large audience and it is your chance to attract some of them to yours.

It not only gets you the target audience, but you can increase your branding and credibility through this. Some websites may not allow you to post on their site. It is better to ask for permission and maintain a friendly relationship with the blogger.

My first guest post was about Everest Base Camp trek. It was a mesmerizing journey towards the base camp of the worlds’ highest mountain. You must be choosy about the blog that you want to post on. The return on your time and investment should be worthy enough, so be clever.

Maximum utilization of social media

Social media is a great tool to start a business. If you want to be a highly influential blogger you must stay active online in social media. Saying that you should not waste unnecessary time on social media.

In the morning you can decide what to post throughout the day. You can respond to the comment in the evening. You can also analyze which time is the best to post something. It is better to post 1-2 posts per day on Facebook, 4-5 posts per day on Twitter and Instagram.

Selling photos/videos

Travel blogging is incomplete without photography and videography. You should be able to click some beautiful photos and be able to sell them. Selling those photographs to Dreamstime, Deposit Photos, Shutterstock would be a great idea and source of income.

Freelance writing

You can also choose to be a freelance writer. Sharing your stories and experiences would be a great chance to earn money. You can make $ 20 to $ 400 per post, depending upon the post and the site. Copywriting also pays you well.

Google AdSense

Many bloggers use Google AdSense, allowing Google to place ads on their sites. It is a good option to earn money, but your site needs to have a high volume of traffic.

Network outside of Travel

You should have networking beyond the travel world. Your network and involvement with the insider are fine but reaching out helps you better. Reaching out can make you a person that everyone loves to quote, interview and advise. Broadening your horizon beyond traveling helps you to understand other ways to earn more.

Multiple income sources

Make multiple sources of income. Don’t rely on single source, try for paid campaigns, brand endorsements, selling your own products, sponsored posts and many more.

Do you have a travel blog? How do you generate money from it?

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