Current BlogDash Blogging Opportunities

Current BlogDash Blogging Opportunities

Blogging Opportunities

Hello Bloggers!

We’re always striving to bring you the best and most relevant blogging opportunities from our clients. Every day and each week we receive numerous blogger requests and we go through our blogger profiles to find the most suitable blogger that we can find that matches our clients requests.

Following is a brief list of current blogging opportunities that we have available. If any of them interest you, send us an email at blogging @ blogdash . com. Be sure to reference which opportunity interests you in the subject line. Here is what we have available right now:

– Software/Education/Technology Bloggers: Experience with digital software, writing software code or troubleshooting. You will be promoting a school management software product package for international clients. Your profile should reflect your range of experience with a Klout score of 50+ and a PageRank of 4+.

– Education Bloggers: Experience in teaching, instructing, tutoring or in an education environment.

– Travel Bloggers: This current assignment is great for mom and dad bloggers or for bloggers who travel a lot. We have an international airline service and a vacation resort client who needs bloggers to blog about air travel, vacationing and international foods.

– Product Review Bloggers: Blog about a product that’s being released for skiiers and snowboarders. A popular product with outdoor and snow enthusiasts.

– Bloggers for Men-Related Topics: For those who are interested in or blog about sports, gambling, automobiles or gaming, and other male-related topics.

– Fashion Bloggers: If fashion is your area of expertise, then we definitely need you for these assignments. We are searching for bloggers who can write relevant posts about fashion and shopping for a popular online fashion boutique.

– Cleaning Product Review: Looking for bloggers to write extensive, comprehensive reviews on various laundry products.

– Beauty Products Reviews: We need bloggers to review and write posts on a new skincare product. Ideal for Mommy bloggers or Fashion/Lifestyle bloggers.

– Lifestyle Bloggers: Promotional campaign for bloggers in the Home Décor and Interior/Exterior Design fields. If you know home décor, fabrics, textures, etc., contact us right away to get more information about this assignment.

– Food Bloggers: An upcoming promotional campaign we have is in need of food and drink bloggers to blog about an alcoholic beverage.

Make sure that you’re able to be assigned one of the opportunities by checking to see if you’ve completed a blogger’s profile ( and also make sure that your information is current on your profile. It would also help you get better blogging opportunities if you update your experience and skills section with any new information. We want to assign these opportunities and keep both our bloggers and our clients happy, so help us by letting us know your availability and any other relevant information that would be helpful.

Thanks, bloggers, and good luck!


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