Business/Health Blogger Needed

Business/Health Blogger Needed

Business/Health Blogger Needed

if you are a business/health blogger, Your expertise and kills are needed for a big client campaign that we’re currently running.

You need experience in writing quality, relevant posts for the subject matter of employee health topics.

If you are a blogger in either the business or health industry, you may be interested in this assignment. It involves blogging about employee health for employee engagement, so your writing style needs to be very relevant and able to connect to readers.

For this same client, we also need business bloggers to write on the topic of employee training and proper training guidelines for new hires. If you have experience in this area, or you are an experienced business/health field blogger, then this assignment is ideal for you.

For us to be able to pitch these assignments to you, make sure you have created a Blogdash profile and your relevant blogger experience is listed there. Once that is done, send an email with your interest to: with Business/Health Bloggers in the subject line.

Let us know if you have any questions, and good luck bloggers!


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