Blogger Transparency: The Journey to becoming an Influencer

Blogger Transparency: The Journey to becoming an Influencer

Blogger Transparency

Influencers who get their start on social media are taking over traditional celebrities as the new wave of trusted trendsetters.

Indeed, the marketing space occupied by influencers has blossomed in modern times. The trend has become such that brands both big and small, across all industries have recognized the impacts of influencers and have keyed into this. Customers trust their opinions and tend to follow them, sometimes almost blindly, in whatever direction they are shown.

We must realize that this bond has been formed from a long way back. The influencer starts by opening up, shows full transparency, lays him/herself bare. Just like little drops in the ocean, followers trip in, they relate to their new found ‘idol’, after all, they have lots of things in common. This forms the basis of this relationship and translates into what we see today. Because that trust has been built, whatever the blogger comes up with automatically becomes gold. This is what brands see. They utilize this to their advantage. After all, powerful emotions are involved.

Lilly Singh who became famous for her YouTube videos early on started while she was a student at York University. At the time it was her own way of dealing with depression. Her intention was to provide relief and cheer for herself and other people. Starting with just 70 views for her first video, she slowly progressed till she reached her current heights. As of 2017, Forbes ranked her as the 10th best-paid YouTube star for the year. Her annual earnings estimated to be about $10.5 million comes majorly from brand partnerships. Calvin Klein, Pantene, and Coca Cola are among the notable names.

Once upon a time, it was the age of the more conventional celebrities leading trends. People adapted their taste and choices based on what their popular celebrities opted for. Nowadays, the case is still fairly similar only that instead of traditional celebrities, people tend to follow social media influencers more. The staggering reason isn’t far-fetched. They share in their lives, in their stories, their pains, their victories. It’s almost an every-day ritual. This makes the connection almost spiritual. And because there is that amazing level of blogger transparency, the influencer is both a trusted friend and an idolized celebrity all-in-one.

Taking more of a cue from Lilly Singh’s story, she simply used her hobby and love of performing arts to sway millions into adoring her. Her vibrant mixes of comedy sketches (where she plays a double-cast of herself as Punjabi parents), her raps, skits, her motivation monologues as well as her behind-the-scenes vlogs have contributed immensely to making her such a huge hit and fan’s favorite. She also wrote the New York Times bestseller, “How to Be a Bawse.” Most of her content and productions are intended for teenagers and pre-teens and it is quite easy to see how much they adore her. The efforts she makes to ensure she keeps providing fun and motivation is what makes her such a formidable influencer endearing her to her audience.

This transparency as shown goes a long way in making social media influencers such as Lilly Singh the modern wave of trusted trendsetters.

I hope you learned something from this Blogger Transparency article. I’m wondering, do you know more social media influencers that have become trusted trendsetters? Name them in the comment box below.

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