5 Ways Millennials Can Use Social Media To Create A Better Future

5 Ways Millennials Can Use Social Media To Create A Better Future

Social Media for a better future

With over 2 billion Facebook users and billions of accounts registered on other social media networking platforms, it’s clear that social media has become a staple part of our culture.

The way in which this powerful tool is impacting our quality of living is rather prodigious. From the increased ease of publicity and exposure for individuals to effortless marketing and product outreach for organizations, the list of benefits goes on and on.

Hence, in such a digital age, or better still, automation age, where nothing is promised, it’s important that millennials seek out ways to harness the many benefits this powerful tool exhibits.

Below are five ways millennials can craft a better future through social media.

  1. Access to unlimited information

Nothing confers power on an individual like information. With previous generations, people had to break the glass ceiling to interact with like-minded individuals or garner knowledge on a specific subject. Just like the internet, social media has enhanced the exchange of knowledge and ideas, making the whole process much easier.

For example, being a UK millennial, you can easily discover how lobsters are prepared in American restaurants, or which museums hold certain artifacts in Africa. And this access to information makes it much easier to venture into any field or embark on any project once Millennials learn to channel their quest for information to the right path.

  1. Work freedom and self-dependence

Millennials can take advantage of social platforms like YouTube to earn themselves a decent, or rather, luxurious living from doing what they love. A good example in this regard is the case of the YouTuber, PewDiePie, who bags millions yearly from playing video games.

Not only will this help you as millennial to earn a living from doing what you love, it’ll also give you the freedom of building your life the way you best deem fit, thereby making you live more consciously and cautiously.

  1. Self-education and empowerment

Gone are the days when formal education offered one the dream life. Presently, self-education is key. And with social media and the internet as a whole, millennials can empower themselves by creatively coming up with solutions to community and world problems, or rendering services the world is in need of. A good example of cases where this empowerment initiated by the social media and the internet as a whole has birthed new career paths for individuals is the case of Colorlib, created as a theme platform to give the blogging platform, WordPress, a better user interface, further optimize it and make it more user-friendly.

Many more startups and inventions have also been made in this regard, and many more can be made when Millennials harness the power of the numerous advancements we’ve been endowed with; social media and the internet.

Not only can social media aid inventions and innovations, it can also make individuals live more consciously and cautiously because they have to stay abreast of global happenings to know which flow the world is dancing to, and to be at alert about when their self-taught skills and knowledge becomes precious gemstones the world is in need of.

  1. Opportunities for social connections

Besides socializing with friends and keeping in touch with families, millennials can take advantage of another great benefit of social platforms: networking. Connecting with upper hierarchy and like-minded individuals with the purpose of sharing information and gaining more knowledge can be very powerful indeed, and could significantly enhance career prospects.

  1. Initiating world revolutions

It’s a fact that the decisions of the world leaders will have the most effect on millennials in due time. This is because Millennials will inherit the economies the current world leaders will leave behind.

As the next generation in line, it’s important for millennials to solicit the well-being of the economy and actively take part in the political and economic issues of the world from an early age.

With social media, this exercise has been made easier. With a simple hashtag used over and over by lots of people who stand for a common goal, a revolutionary advancement can be achieved and history can be made.

All is left is for millennials to understand this fact and try as much as possible to always stand as one voice and arrest all social networks whenever an unfavorable decision is about to be made by world leaders.

Though social media is good for catching up with friends and spending hours giggling at memes, these pointers will help millennials to learn how to use this powerful tool in ways that’ll empower and enable them to be more self-dependent, especially in this automation age where nothing is promised.

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