Top 5 Points to Keep in Mind when Designing Your Website

Top 5 Points to Keep in Mind when Designing Your Website

Thinking in Designing Your Website

Once your content is defined, it is time to translate it into a web design. However, web design is not just colors and shapes, but is intimately linked with the structure of your site. That’s why it’s so important that you define the content before you start designing. In this article you can see the main points that you should keep in mind when designing your website.

A website design that is more quality can make a massive impact on your digital marketing strategy. Few things that should be highlighted that you do not reinvent the wheel or let yourself are seduced by “cutting edge” technology. This means the pages that try to be too innovative end up being impractical for the user. There are plenty of easy to use website creators on the market like Wix to help you get the perfect website built, if you decide against using a web designer.

Basic rules

Web users are very impatient and always expect instant gratification. The user must clearly understand what your site is about in the first 5 seconds of having opened it.

Not only the message should be clear, but it should also be quick. The loading speed of your web page also influences the time your client spends on your web page, so you must make sure you have a very fast page. Just consider following few points that can help you to improve your website’s performance with web designing.

  1. Expectations of Visitors

A site must meet the expectations of visitors. The user searches for specific things on your page. If you developed and organized your content well, your web design should clearly show each page. That will become easy for users to understand. When reviewing your pages, the user must know what is being talked about there, and what is expected in return.

  1. Pleasant Atmosphere

Web users are not very different from the customers of a store in real life. Users mostly expect a pleasant atmosphere. Where they expect to have things at hand and also fast attention when requested. Do you comply with all this?

  1. Catch the Attraction

The clicks come from the attraction and / or the utility. The placement of the elements should take your user to the parts you want to highlight. Simple is that!

  1. Quality and Creative Design

Web users appreciate quality and credibility. A good quality, clear and clean design will give you more credibility in the eyes of your visitors. That may include fewer elements, more white spaces, etc. This is now trending in the new design.

  1. Clear Titles

It is said that users do not read but they scan the content and the design of the website. To take advantage of this, you must use clear titles that tell the user at all times where it is, what the page is about and where each click will take it. Insights show you exactly how the user always knows in which page he / she is:

Web Design Trends

  • Simple Structures 

Use simple structures of 1 to 3 columns. The more simple and easy to understand your users will feel more comfortable and familiar with your web page.

The designers understood that a simple design works better (few elements, well organized). The designs in general can be understood at first glance, without having to be wandering to understand the general concept.

  • Designed Centered

The focused design offers: confidence, balance, simplicity, etc. The patterns of left-aligned design are becoming less common, as are the liquid structures. Good design is always more accessible by users.

The successful designs of today make the content look good not to the designer. Recall that designers are non-decorator communicators. Do not let the design eat your content, which is more important.

  • Colors Matter

Color is something that can make your website look great. The choice of colors in the design of your web page or landing page has a great effect on the conversion. These are some tests in which the color has improved the online conversion and conclusions that you can apply on your website.


Yes, content still plays the part but design should not be ignored. It is necessary to ensure more user engagement with effective colors and attractive design. The process is time consuming and takes a lot of patience to make it perfect. Hence it is very important to consider few points when designing a website.

Hope you found the article designing your website helpful. If you have any comment, please share it in the comment below.

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