Top 5 Online Writing Tools For Bloggers

Top 5 Online Writing Tools For Bloggers

Online Writing Tools

Being a blogger in our times and not using any online tools for blogging seems impossible. There are so many resources that can ease the job and make your writing better, that only a lazy blogger hasn’t once at least thought about using some. There are readability analyzers, grammar correctors, online editors, tools for generating ideas, getting inspiration, motivation, etc.

The following are the different kinds of tools that you can start with. If you haven’t used any of them, we highly recommend you to try and tell us your opinion.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Sometimes you have a very cool idea to write about but cannot come up with a catching title. This scenario can often lead to people skipping your post not getting interested in it the first place. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t just go with a boring title but try Portent’s Content Idea Generator.

This tool suggests you title ideas based on a keyword or phrase. Just enter one, and you can get many suggestions for a cool title. The suggestions do not always make sense (for example, I entered “Blogger tools”, and here is one of the suggestions: 7 Unexpected Ways Blogger Tools Can Give You Better Hair, or I entered “Online Editors, ” and one of the titles said “Save Your Marriage Using Only Online Editors”, weird, huh?), but some of them are quite nice and can at least inspire you for something creative.



This service can come handy if you need a quality proofreading help. Naturally, the majority of bloggers have decent writing skills and tend to proofread their works themselves, but sometimes you can write a imperative post and editing it on your own can not always be an option. You should better have a fresh pair of eyes (professional eyes, by the way) to take a look at your text and maybe notice some errors you have missed due to being subjective.

If you ask around, you may find out that many bloggers have someone proofread their works because they are not so arrogant to think they can always write flawless texts. So, next time you have something important to publish, consider proofreading.

Google Drive


Everything genial is simple. If you have a Gmail account and don’t use Google Drive, you may lose a lot as a blogger. It has everything you need for writing and storing your documents. Here are some obvious benefits:

  • You store everything in one place. You can keep all your posts, files, pictures, in a location so that you don’t waste time looking for everything. A great thing here is that it all is automatically backed up to the cloud, so you won’t lose anything if something happens to your computer. Moreover, you can access all these files from any device just logging in to your Gmail account. This is a comprehensive benefit, particularly in the research stage.
  • You can work on a document with someone. If you have a co-author, editor, or anyone else who needs to read, edit or write the text with you, there is no better place for it than Google Drive. You create a document, give a person the right to view or edit it, and voilà, you can work on this text at the same time, leaving comments for each other.
  • It has a nice spell checker. If you use Google Docs to create a text, you have an additional benefit of checking your spelling. It has a great spell checker built in, so it is a nice backup for you.
  • It has a simple interface. If you Use Google Docs to write posts, you may fall in love with it due to its simple interface. Microsoft Office has a very complicated one, so if you are looking for minimalism, here it is.

Google Drive is definitely worth a shot for every blogger. It is free, so don’t hesitate to try it.



Here is another tool every blogger should try. It is an editor that notices different kinds of mistakes and suggests you how you can fix them. It doesn’t only correct your spelling but also showcases overused words, punctuation issues, structural problems, etc. It can also check your work for plagiarism; every blogger should do it.

The cool thing about Grammarly is that you can use in many places: if you download the program, it will work in Microsoft Documents; if you set up it as a Chrome extension, you can see your mistakes when you write emails or use online editors. The program has both free and paid options. The paid one has naturally more features and does a more deep revision of your text. So, if you want a full ammunition, be ready to spend some bucks.

Written? Kitten!

Written Kitten

We’ve saved the fun one for the end. Written? Kitten! is a very cute tool for those who need to write long texts (well, at least longer than one hundred words). Frankly speaking, it doesn’t help you much with the writing itself. What is does is, it shows you a picture of a cute kitten every one hundred words you write.

For bloggers who love animals, it can be kind of motivation to write faster and to see the next cutie. If you are not into cats, there are also bunnies and puppies, who are as cute as kittens. This tool is free, so you have to try it anyways. Who knows, maybe this is the muse you have been looking for for years.

So, these were very useful tools that any blogger can benefit from. Growth is tough without changing and trying new things. Of course, your primary tool is your writing talent, but if you also use some additional tools and services, the results cannot but be better. Try out the listed tools and tell us what you think about them.

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