How Cloud Computing Can Improve Efficiency and Productivity

How Cloud Computing Can Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Cloud Computing

Now, when the internet arrived here, the major source of storage of big data and information used to be the huge discs. The size of this kept reducing till we now have the physical servers and the VPN networks where data could be hidden and recovered when there is a need. But just like almost everything in the world, these sources have their shortcomings. As the IT world progresses, the storage of data and information in the cloud through different systems arrived. This seems to have the answer to the major problems that bedevil the servers.

Here, there is no need for servers to be backed up so that the data stored on them will not be lost if they are to crash. There will not be any need for the applications to be updated from time to time, endangering the data stored on them. All that the firms need in this new setting is to create their cloud accounts and have specialists man it. The password and login details are made available to the entire authorized staff so that they can access them online from their respective systems.

With this, productivity is improved in no small measure. Another area it enhances is staff retention and satisfaction. Below is an x-ray of how the cloud computing system brings in more productivity and enhances the efficiency of staff and management in firms.

Data Is Made Safe

There is this tendency for us to start searching for other affiliate benefits and lose sight of the major one. The number one way the cloud computing trend will bring about an increase in productivity and enhance efficiency at the workplace is by keeping office data safe. It does this by making sure that natural and manmade disasters like the devastation of the business premises by flood, earthquakes, hurricanes and fire does not destroy companies’ data. The cloud storage is made to be more disaster resistant than any other type. Data is more disaster resistant when they are stored on chips rather than discs.

The Management of Big Data Is Simplified

When big data is stored in the cloud, the management of such data becomes easier. This will provide the simple, but advanced database analysis that it has been lacking when stored in the servers and VPNs. With the tools available in cloud storage, it becomes very easy for firms to run through, and sort data that are not properly structured. This makes for more productivity and enhances profits.

Increased Spirit of Competition

While this fact has been proven by studies, it is a simple fact that everyone can relate to. When firms get into the cloud computing system, they have the chance to latch on opportunities faster than their competitors. The level of agility and speed that this enhances will give the firm the chance to respond to customer enquiries faster. It also helps them to be able to come up with new products as fast as the market demands for them.

More Connectivity at the Workplace

The fact is that companies that collaborate in terms of technologies achieve 400% more productivity than others. Through cloud computing, employees can easily collaborate and share data and information. Here, documents and files are kept at a place on the cloud from where employees can access them whenever they need them from wherever they are. There will not be any need to transfer and send files over emails again. Get to the account and access it. This gives rise to what is called mobile workforce where some staffs can work for firms from wherever they are. The needed files for the job are just a login away from them. This reduces the need for physical offices, saving a whole lot of costs.

BYOD Is Enhanced By Cloud Storage

The system of Bring You Own Device is made possible by this because there will be no need for company owned devices again. No special files and data are stored on them. So, any staff can do their work with their own device, calling data and file from the cloud when the need arises.

IT problems are lessened

Most firms outsource their cloud computing systems to specialist firms to manage for them. When this is done, most of the problems encountered by in-house IT departments are completely eliminated, as the responsibility of managing and operating the infrastructure is taken away from the companies. This entails that only qualified professionals handle this, and it enhances productivity.

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    Pretty interesting piece of writing. Looks like the future is already here and cloud computing would conquer the World soon 😉

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