How Can You Use Social Media to Find Executive MBA Jobs?

How Can You Use Social Media to Find Executive MBA Jobs?

Searching for jobs and finding the ideal one is never an easy task. But with modern tools, you can reach out to the job market in a much easier and effective manner. As networking is considered to be one of the core activities for finding a job, social media plays a great role in searching jobs. Now, here are some ways by which you can use social media for your job hunting process.

Connect With Facebook Friends: When you have started hunting your job, Facebook can be the ideal place to let others know that you are searching for a vacancy. Your friend list includes people who will definitely want you to get success in your career. There may be many personnel in your Facebook account with whom you do not have regular contacts. But updating your status might attract them to notice. Some of your friends may have information about open positions in some reputed organizations or may have connections with management companies where you want to see yourself.

Never Forget Twitter Chats: When you have completed your Executive MBA course, and looking for a job in management industry, you should not forget Twitter chats. The feeds will help you obtain information about open positions that are ideal for you. You can also share your views and aspirations that can help you in matching with the job requirements.

Create Profiles In Popular Platforms: You should try creating your professional profiles in popular platforms like LinkedIn where your strengths get visible. The established networks can help you to get the right connection for finding a suitable management job that you are looking for.

Search for Common Connections: Just look out for common connections when you are searching for your jobs. You can apply the 15-10-2 searching techniques. This technique will cut off the options gradually and will be left out with only the options that are very common and match your career goals. LinkedIn and Facebook can help you to reach your target through connections and mutual friends. When your immediate friends cannot be helpful in your job search, social media can help you to reconnect with your mutual friends and new connections.

Create Personal Website: You can create your own website where you can easily display your past projects and share information about yourself. You need not be a designer or a developer to create your website. There are many free website creation sites like Wix and Weebly that can help you to build your website in a personalized manner. You may also create management blogs where you can share your knowledge about your specific field of studies and get noticed by recruiters very easily. You may visit tips on studying part time MBA and obtain essential information about your field. After you have finished creating your website or blog, never forget to share them to other social networking platforms.

Follow Companies and Groups: Some management organizations post their job vacancies on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are interested with those open positions, start following their accounts. This will help you to get notified for future job vacancies and you can also obtain some basic knowledge about the company through their social profiles.

Go Through Your Accounts: You should go through your own social media accounts to check whether they are conveying the right message or not. You should remove all contents that might obstruct your potential employers from hiring you.

It is better to highlight all your management achievements in social media profiles as it helps your profiles rank higher when recruiters search for candidates. If you keep on following social media accounts of top HR professionals, you can surely get updates and latest feeds regarding your ideal management job.


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