How can Managed WordPress Hosting Level Up Your Business

How can Managed WordPress Hosting Level Up Your Business

Having a successful, super-productive e-commerce website sometimes is a harder job than you may think. Your website must provide a solid foundation for running your business smoothly and constantly improving it. Once you realize there are way more adult and technical things than good content and stunning interface that keep your business alive and successful, you may have a little anxiety attack. If you aren’t an expert for WordPress hosting and don’t have any engineers to keep your server safe and secure, it’s normal to be a little scared. But don’t worry: none of it isn’t scary and if you have a proper hosting solution that can comfort your website in the right way and manage your site’s security, performance, uptime, and all factors crucial for success.

In this article, we’ll bring you a comprehensive guide through the endless possibilities of managed hosting and why it’s the best solution for your WordPress website.

First of all: a hosting basics

With simple words, hosting, or web hosting is a service that provides you with storing data and making your website accessible online, for all people using the internet. You buy hosting from a hosting company and it’s pretty simple. But there is always some “but”:

  • to make the best choice possible, you have to understand how hosting works and what various hosting packages contain,
  • not all hosting packages are good for your website, and that depends on various factors.

In some basic packages hosting services includes the bare minimum of services, and in other packages, it can include some cool features that can help you and do loads of jobs instead of you. It’s pretty simple: the more features and services hosting plan offers, the more likely it’s been referred to as managed hosting. When hosting plans are specially optimized for WordPress, we call it managed WordPress hosting plans.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosts work exclusively with WordPress, and they can tailor all of their servers ‒ from the operating system to command-line tools for optimal site performance. This kind of hosting will ensure your website runs smoothly without your technical expertise. It’s like you have your tech support that does everything instead of you. Unlike other hosting packages like shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting doesn’t require any considerable technical knowledge of the website owner ‒ everything necessary doing experts, and you can do your job without any worries. Many packages that you can find today may be considered managed in some way. Why? Because tech development is so fast today, and websites are more and more complex so it’s much harder for website owners to do all jobs on their own.

Websites of all kinds are stored on computers with the processor, a hard drive, a memory, internet access, etc. and all of them need maintenance if something goes wrong. If malware attacks the system, or the system gets overcrowded, hosting providers have a team of experts to fix all irregularities and enable the system to work perfectly. Just because of that, almost all hosting providers offer very useful packages that keep owners free from unnecessary jobs, and that’s in the best interest of both sides: most website owners don’t have enough time and experience to control the hosting environment so there are hosting providers with good tech support in affordable hosting packages.

Managed hosting is like having a big mansion. For example: if shared hosting is flat with the landlord where you need to do everything by yourself, managed hosting means you have a big crew to make sure everything is right. Besides that, your mansion will always be provided with brand new gadgets from the last generation.

There is always a question about which provider is most reliable for my website? There are plenty of hosting providers nowadays with loads of hosting packages. Some of them are cheaper, some of them are more expensive, but the truth is that cheaper is not always the best option for you. Hostinger is recommended as a very reliable and affordable provider, so check the review out. Think about the future, and think about your website as an investment in your business, so from the beginning choose something that will be steady and secure. Partnership with reliable hosting will not just keep your website safe, but it will also improve performance.

Advantages of Managed WordPress hosting

Normally, you start with shared hosting, and as your website grows to make a step to a managed hosting. There are some benefits only managed WordPress hosts can provide, and we’ll talk about them.

1. Uptime

Website availability and server uptime are crucial for all kinds of online businesses – if your website is slow, customers will go to another one and never come back. So, downtime can damage your reputation, cause losing money, and also have a negative impact on search engines (which is also very bad). With managed WordPress hosting, you’ll have a significantly superior level of uptime and availability, regardless of all possible problems.

2. Tech support

When you need help, you expect to talk with someone who can quickly and expertly solve your problems. Managed VPS hosts usually offer 24/7 support via email, live chat, or via call, (sometimes Slack, Twitter, etc). Employees are always skilled for WordPress websites and all kinds of problems, so they know how to apply technology to solve big problems.

3. Scalability

WordPress scalability means that your website can quickly adapt to unexpected changes which is very important for all online businesses. For example: if your business grows quickly or some influencer recommends your online webshop and tons of customers try to reach your site, it must be prepared and available for that unexpected traffic. Managed WordPress hosting plan will help you to safeguard both your website and business in case of all kinds of unexpected traffic or performance problems.

4. Updates

Updating WordPress is extremely important and it should be done regularly. It means you’ll have some new features, bug fixes, and better performance, etc. In a managed WordPress hosting plan, your provider runs auto-updates for you, and not just that: they will actively monitor how updates impact your site so it can manage quickly if something is working poorly.

5. Security

Security is one of the great pros when we speak why you should move to a managed hosting plan. With a managed WordPress host, software updates regularly and a specialized hosting environment mean your site is better guarded against hackers and other security concerns. And you can expect regular security checks and malware removal.

Final words

When it comes to scalability, support, flexibility, and security managed WordPress is a top pick. It is completely normal and recommended to pick shared hosting or some simple solution if you’re running a WordPress blog, but if you are about to run a big website with loads of traffic which is extremely important to choose a managed hosting and invest in your website as in your business as well. A reliable managed WordPress hosting will save you from headaches and leave you to do more useful things than solving technical problems. Once you realize how precious it is, you’ll thank yourself for smart decisions.


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