Four Reasons Why You Need an Online Fax System

Four Reasons Why You Need an Online Fax System

For anyone who thinks faxing is dead, this couldn’t be further for the truth. In fact, faxing is still a critical facet of doing business for specific types of documents such as legal contracts and health records. Not to mention, it is an integral part of the public relations industry where at the heart of it all is secure and professional communication.

Today, the trend is in Internet faxing. This is a highly secure means for sending documents through encrypted services online. With hackers stepping up their efforts to crack open your email communications, you can feel much safer with sending Internet faxes. Here are several reasons why you need an online fax system.

Give an air of professionalism

With smaller businesses, startups and solopreneurs, one of the biggest challenges they all face is displaying a level of credibility similar to that of more established companies and brands. Even if your website and mobile site is visually compelling in every way, having poor channels of communication can be revealing. One way to change that is with an online fax system.

When you need to quickly and securely send and receive sensitive documents, it is the only way to go. Plus, you don’t have to purchase a big and bulky fax machine. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your home office to send a fax. When you’re trying to grow your business, time can be your most precious commodity. You need Internet faxing as one of many ways for boosting productivity.

With Internet faxing, you don’t have to wait for the call to go through or paper to get sucked into and spit out of the machine. You can send a secure document in seconds, and with the simple click of a button. Now your partners know you mean business.

Marketers and public relations

Marketing is all about advertising products and services in a way that is meaningful and valuable to a targeted market. Needless to say, to market effectively requires a dedicated team who is all on the same page. This includes everything from writers, to designers, illustrators and more. The end product needs to communicate effectively while representing the brand in a meaningful way. That means a lot of communication needs to take place before the marketing process even begins.

In today’s global marketplace, a company’s workforce can be scattered abroad and work remotely. Yet, even with contractors, important systems must be put into place to ensure the integrity of the company’s data and to protect from data breaches. This is where Internet faxing can play a significant role. When text needs approval or graphics need to be tweaked, there is no better way to send those types of documents than through an online fax system.

You already understand how digital marketing can help your business. But, to get the process started, you must communicate in a secure and efficient manner. Plus, you’ll feel better knowing that your company is taking all of the steps necessary to keep all of your intellectual property safe from your competition, and safe from hackers.


To build up an audience and negotiate key partnerships, bloggers need to spend some time in outreach work. This can mean communicating with specific industry insiders regarding promotions and blogging partnerships. In the course of that outreach, there will be times when contracts need to be signed for a wide variety of reasons.

Contracts can include anything from NDAs to business dealings. You don’t want to just send a multi-page contract through email. Have you read the news lately? Another email giant, Yahoo! just experienced a massive hacking that compromised over a hundred million accounts. If you can’t trust the big email providers, who can you trust? Well, you can trust online fax systems.

Hackers think everyone uses email, but you’re not like everyone else. You care about your information, which is why you are turning to Internet faxing. Plus, when trying to build up your blogging brand, an online fax helps to increase your level of credibility.

Fax anytime, anywhere

Two decades ago, there was no way to send a fax without a bulky machine, paper and costly ink. It was expensive and considered something only used by the elites of the business world. In fact, it was rare for anyone to even have a fax machine in their homes. Today, all of that has changed. As a result, you can send a fax from any device with an Internet connection–including your phone.

Think of how much time you can save, and how convenient faxing has really become. Yet, don’t confuse convenience with a lack of security. The reason is Internet faxing is one of the most secure avenues for sending and receiving documents. So, you can fax away knowing your document will arrive at its intended destination in seconds, and with all of the right security protocols in place.


About the Author: Katrina Manning is a published author, content marketer and editor. With over eight years of career writing experience, she specializes in business, tech, lifestyle and digital marketing. Her favorite aspect of writing is the opportunity for constant learning. Katrina is currently contributing articles for a company that offers internet fax service and call management solutions worldwide. In her free time, she plays with her pets, volunteers and scours Instagram.

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