What is a Domain Authority and what it means for bloggers?

What is a Domain Authority and what it means for bloggers?

Thank you MOZ for giving us a predictable method of measuring the strength of our blog. Bloggers can use the method for two purposes; to predict how strong your blog is going to perform in SERP overtime and you can also predict between online competitions. According to MOZ, Domain Authority (DA) is measured by many factors – linking root domains, number to total links, MozRank, MozTrusk, etc – but PROs suggest to measure the Domain authority using 3 factors, which will be enough for beginners and middle-level bloggers; Age of the Domain, raw link popularity and raw quantity of pages/sites linking. DA is difficult to influence directly. Bloggers keep it in mind that DA cannot be changed like the way you change your Meta Tags. It is also important and noted before blogger outreach.

How is Domain Authority Scored for your blog?

Domain Authority is measured from 0 – 100. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn scores 100 in DA. It is very difficult to get a score like 100 Domain Authority so, Bloggers don’t be disappointed at all. It will be easier to grow from 20 to 30 than to grow from 70 to 80 in having a DA for your site or blog.

Does Page Authority is same as of Domain Authority?

It is very important for Bloggers to know that DA is directly concerned with the strength of the domain and subdomains. It lets you know how many quality links are pointing to your blog and what is the strength of those sites are. On the other hand, the Page Authority is only concerned with a single page of your blog following the above method.

How to find your Domain Authority for your blog?

Again thank you to Moz who made it easy to incorporate it with many platforms of online marketing and SEO. To measure it standalone you can use Open Site Explorer. This is a great free web-based application to measure many factors including domain Authority. Otherwise, you can also use Moz Bar, Moz’s free SEO toolbar.

Does it really matter for Bloggers?

It indeed is a very important factor in SEO perspective of your blog. Companies/Clients always prefer a good DA before going to live their post online. Blogger Outreach Software does mention DA as a strength of the blog. I will be covering in next post how possible to increase Domain Authority for your Domain.

It is equally important for blogger and website owners. It let you know how good you are doing and how good Search Engines are expected to rank you in your competition. Keeping in mind the importance of DA you can well determine your goals for the improvement of your blog.

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