Does PageRank really matters anymore especially for bloggers

Does PageRank really matters anymore especially for bloggers

When it is about search engine ranking it is about relevance in links, content, social signals and many more metrics. Primarily, to rank a page at good positions in Google SERP the relative importance of a blog or website is focused to improve. The relative importance of a blog is measured through several different metrics which have emerged over the years to quantify this kind of quality. In 2015, the nature of getting engaged on internet has entirely been changed and changing continuously.

It is really astonishing to find when PR Pros and Marketers are talking about PageRank or Alexa ranking but they don’t consider such metrics when it is about meaningful traffic conversion. It is because PageRank and Alexa are site ranking factors not traffic conversion factors. Now it has been observed for years that progressively Google weight PageRank less. Shocking? Let’s have fact finding!

PR Toolbar: Last updated on December 2013

How often Google can make a mistake? It is noticed that Google updated its PageRank Toolbar in February 4th, 2013. Before that Google was updating the toolbar 3 to 4 times in a year. Google mentioned that the updates were done for the year but then a sudden PageRank update came through in December 2013.
PageRank is directly updated in the Chrome or other browsers through a Pipeline which is pushing data from Google’s internal servers. Google updated that there is no team allocated anymore working to fix the issues related to the PageRank pipeline.

Today the numbers shown in PageRank Toolbar (or any public facing tool) were last updated on December 2013.

Why Matt Cutts penalized guest posting?

Matt Cutts penalized guest posts only done to get the page rank. According to Matt, “if a post is done with do-follow link my team will be involved. We will scout the link to find the purpose of outcome. If it is PageRank, get ready for a bad a news” Matt Cutts also try to make it clear that a post with a no-followed link can again get a good exposure and end up with a good web traffic. What an irony First PageRank was developed to rank the site and now it is to have a check on website or blog.

Guest Posting for PR

This doesn’t mean that Guest Posts with do followed links will always be penalized. A Guest posting which is 100% original, Well Written, Relevant to your audience , backlink providing value to readers (no matter do followed or no-followed) , Exclusive to you will always be expected to grab the attention of the viewers.

What bloggers should consider for PageRank

Today what matters even to Google is valuable relevance in links (inbound or outbound), Content, Social Media signals. It also true that end of the day what matters is how many unique visitors found your blog each day, How many visitors converted to a Lead? How many Leads closed as Customer and finally how many become promoters of your blog.

When taking care of valuable relevance in links (inbound or outbound) you must be relevant to the niche and always provide value in the link being generated in the blog. BlogDash provides PageRank of the blogs to meet the expectations of PR Pros and Marketers to help them find how relevant the blog is in its niche.

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    I agree that PR really doesn’t matter anymore but hopefully Google would update the system again and have this rank something everyone would be inspired to work for..

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