How a Blogger Profitably Spends Time Between Writing

How a Blogger Profitably Spends Time Between Writing

Time is one of our most valuable assets. How well you spend your time can be seen in your successes. A blogger who knows how to balance their time well has a higher chance of being successful as compared to a blogger who has not mastered the skill of managing their time. What many authors tend to be ignorant of is the fact that the time you spend creating your articles is not as important as the quality of your work.

Excellent bloggers create a routine for themselves. These routines are solely meant for helping with time management. Being a blogger doesn’t require you to be full time seated at your computer. Writing can be quite a tedious exercise and without the right balance, chances are you’ll experience burnout. What’s crucial for a writer is to come up with breaks that will be spent wisely. What you opt to do in your spare time depends on what you find works for you. I will highlight a few examples that may be of help to you.


physical exercise

Exercise has been known to be a good way of maintaining body fitness. The good news is, exercises are not just meant to help with body fitness but also mental and spiritual fitness. Mental fitness is crucial for any writer. For your articles to have the right flow and to be easily understood by your audience, you’ll need to arrange your thoughts and communicate them logically. When you have a healthy mental state, then writing will not pose much of a challenge. Other than engaging in physical exercises, mental exercises could also be of help.

Writers rarely have time to go out. If you are experiencing this, then I may have a solution for you. Have your home gym. Having some gym equipment, maybe two or three things will do just fine.

Do Your Chores

Writing tends to take a huge chunk of our time, and we often end up not doing most of our chores. Well, this does not have to be the case for you. When taking breaks from your work, doing one or two chores can go a long way in reducing your workload. Take, for instance, doing dirty dishes. It may seem taxing but when taking a break, doing dishes becomes more of a rejuvenating exercise.

Do Something Fun or Relaxing

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Even if you have deadlines to beat or are too engrossed in your work, you will at one point need to unwind. Unwinding from your work is supposed to help you recharge. Good authors set aside some time that they can use to relax after a hard day’s work or after completing assignments. As a writer, you can engage in a wide range of activities to help you out. You could watch a movie, read novels or magazines, or do puzzles. Just do anything that helps you recharge.

Go Outdoors

This is one particular challenge faced by a large percentage of bloggers. We tend to focus too much on our work and ultimately lose touch with the outside world. What happens is this (and I am quite certain it happens to a large chunk of us). Our work dictates that we are seated indoors facing our computer for long hours; as a result, we have very little time to go outside. When taking that break from your work, spend some time outdoors. There’s always something new and fun to learn outside. The fresh air outdoors is just as important for your body and mental fitness.


Getting enough rest for your body through sleeping also helps with maintaining mental fitness. A good blogger takes time to rest. A sleep-deprived writer is likely to produce low-quality articles that will not appeal to the audience.

Getting enough sleep ensures that you stay mentally and physically fit. A lot of us tend to take sleep for granted. This has led physicians and psychotherapists to making a sounding alarm against this worrying trend. Your body, just like any machine, must be in a good state to be able to work at full capacity. Sleeping is an excellent way of recharging your body. Writing is taxing and it will be wise if you take some time to have a rest.

Engage In Chit Chats (Make Small Talk)

Engaging in conversations, as a blogger, helps with improving your communication skills. How you converse with your audience has a big impact on your blog. Being a good writer dictates that you should be a good listener. These conversations might just be the inspiration you needed to write your article. Just ensure that every conversation is meaningful for you. Talking to the people around you is an excellent way of maintaining your sanity. You could get carried away with your work.



Meditation is known to be among the best exercises that help bloggers maintain balance in their mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. Your meditation time is your alone time. It’s time to have a conversation with yourself. It gives you inner peace. With inner peace, nothing can stop a writer from delivering excellent articles. It’s recommended that we take between 5-30 minutes daily to meditate irrespective of our line of work.


A professional blogger knows just how valuable time is for them and how well they can exploit it. Time is a resource we can’t afford to waste. When creating articles, we all have to take that break to at least recharge ourselves. A majority of us tend to laze around during breaks but in reality, these breaks could be put to better use. Whatever activity you opt to engage in, it should be profitable to you.

I have identified activities to fill your time breaks, ranging from doing exercises to meditation, sleeping, engaging in one on one conversations, and even going outdoors to recharge. However, don’t limit yourselves to only a few highlighted activities. This is because a lot more activities are available for you to exploit to your advantage. Remember that time wasted can never be recovered. Be wise about how you spend your time. Aspire to gain more from this precious resource.

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