10 Best WordPress Themes for 2017

10 Best WordPress Themes for 2017

Best WordPress Themes

Whether you are into making resolutions and following them or not, having a new theme for your website should definitely be on your list. Technology has evolved drastically over the past couple of decades, and it is a fact that with it doubles in almost a single year. That is astonishing and to keep up with the new tech you must be familiar with all the new things and having a new theme for your website is one step in that right direction. We take it that if you are reading this post you are already familiar with the awesomeness of WordPress Themes and you wish to wrap your website in something trendy, so it looks elegant, functional and also gives out that 2017 vibe.

Fortunately, many developers have already delved deep into designing themes that look bold and futuristic which makes them great for people who would like to give that trendy look their already impeccable websites. Keeping that in mind, in this post we have collected 10 Best WordPress Themes for 2017, one of which we are sure you will like and find great enough to glorify your website and keep it up to date with the latest design and functional embellishments.

  1. Coupon

WordPress Themes coupon

Impress your visitors and convert them into more sales with this creative 2017 based theme that is both highly professional and fully customizable. The theme, although great for any business has every element to make it particularly great for selling coupons.

  1. Ad-Sense

WordPress Themes ad sense

We all have to agree that when you are into building your online presence, at some point you have to think about monetization and that is exactly what this theme’s strongest forte is. The theme besides being fully functional and embedded with 2017 design elements is the most ad friendly theme in the market. If you need convincing the theme comes with a bunch of ad-friendly features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users.

  1. Presence

WordPress Themes presence

Enhance your online presence with this theme that has been meticulously designed to do so and then a lot more. The theme is very flexible and powerful and can be effectively used for your business, a blog, an online shop, or even a complex Real Estate or Hotel Website.

  1. Sydney Pro

WordPress Themes sydney pro

Sydney Pro is a beefed up version of the free version, and in going pro, it brings all the customizations and features that make it well worth all the money. If you are freelancer or businessman and want to create an awesome online presence while simultaneously giving a strong 2017 touch, then Sydney Pro might just be the one for you.

  1. Builders

WordPress Themes builders

Here is a little something for people who are in the construction industry and want something for their business to sell tools or services online. The theme has a smart and rich design that is bound to help you attract more visitors to your websites and then sell more of whatever you are offering.

  1. Neto

WordPress Themes neto

Looking for something trendy to power your online store in 2017? Neto has got you covered. The theme is simple to use but sophisticated to look at which, along with its beautiful design and state-of-the-art eCommerce features makes it a great option for eCommerce website and did we say that the theme is fully WooCommerce compatible?

  1. Designbiz

WordPress Themes designbiz

This one is a little different from the ones portrayed in this list in a way that it is very versatile which essentially makes it multi-purpose and suitable for every type of website that is on your mind this year. The theme works great to showcase your company, portfolio, blog, and testimonials.

  1. Livo

WordPress Themes livo

Catch the latest trend of design and technology of 2017 with this impeccable theme that will make your content, products, and services shine in a way that can attract customers and help you make more money. The theme is fairly easy to use and fully customizable and you can create a pleasing portfolio with it in minutes.

  1. MyBlog

WordPress Themes my blog

If you are into blogging and want to give you already good blog a great 2017 makeover, then MyBlog is definitely the one you should give a go at. The theme will make sure that your website looks professional and has all the features you will require to build a massive brand.

  1. JustFit

WordPress Themes jusfit

JustFit is for people who are passionate about health and fitness and has almost every feature in the book to help your business reach the highest heights of success. If you are running a fitness community or are a personal trainer or want to publish an online magazine or just want something cool for your local gym this theme has got you covered. The theme will allow you to show-off your testimonials, results, products, and workouts while you are simultaneously able to maintain a blog.


About Author: The above post on Premium WordPress Themes is written by Sunalini Rana. She is a working mom, who left her stable career as a human resource manager to pursue her dream of becoming a professional blogger. She’s self-taught in web design and photography, and always loves learning new things and helping others along the way. She also has an unhealthy passion for delicious food like pizza and burgers.


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