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DuckDuckGo Questioned by Authorities over Google Antitrust Investigation


Google’s competitors are being questioned by U.S. federal and state authorities as part of an inspection into Google’s search superiority. DuckDuckGo has supposedly been in talks with the U.S. Justice Department regarding an investigation into Google’s claimed anti-competitive practices. In a report from Bloomberg, DuckDuckGo’s CEO Gabriel Weinberg disclose that U.S. authorities are looking for methods to restrict Google’s superiority ... Read More »

How can Managed WordPress Hosting Level Up Your Business

WordPress Hosting

Having a successful, super-productive e-commerce website sometimes is a harder job than you may think. Your website must provide a solid foundation for running your business smoothly and constantly improving it. Once you realize there are way more adult and technical things than good content and stunning interface that keep your business alive and successful, you may have a little ... Read More »

5 Business Intelligence Tools Digital Marketers Will Love

Business intelligence tools

Business intelligence tools Are you a digital marketer? Whether you specialize in social media marketing or content creation, you probably have a whole lot of raw data showing how customers interact with your business. But how do you go about utilizing that data to improve and grow your business? Sifting through it all manually can lead to data discrepancies and ... Read More »

Top 5 Online Writing Tools For Bloggers

Top Online Writing Tools For Bloggers

Online Writing Tools Being a blogger in our times and not using any online tools for blogging seems impossible. There are so many resources that can ease the job and make your writing better, that only a lazy blogger hasn’t once at least thought about using some. There are readability analyzers, grammar correctors, online editors, tools for generating ideas, getting ... Read More »

10 Best WordPress Themes for 2017

Best WordPress Themes 2017

Best WordPress Themes Whether you are into making resolutions and following them or not, having a new theme for your website should definitely be on your list. Technology has evolved drastically over the past couple of decades, and it is a fact that with it doubles in almost a single year. That is astonishing and to keep up with the ... Read More »