Weekly Blogger Outreach Roundup

Weekly Blogger Outreach Roundup

Blogger Outreach

It’s another end-of-the-week, and I want to share with you the gems that I’ve run across on the web where people are talking and writing about Blogger Outreach.

Some of these article pieces are targeted specifically to clients who want to grow their businesses using bloggers and some of them focus on showing bloggers how they can build a solid presence and get noticed by companies. They’re all good articles, so I hope you enjoy them. Here goes:

Reaching bloggers, qualified bloggers, is sometimes a bit of a challenge. Blogger outreach is not an exact science because different things work for different bloggers. Here’s a very well-written article by Pratik Dholakiya sharing 11 ways that a business can improve its blogger marketing strategy. In the very first item, I noticed that he also listed something we do here at BlogDash. He talked about being prepared and establishing qualifiers for selecting bloggers. This is a really good tip because it helps us to ensure to our clients that we’re seeking out and attracting top-notch bloggers for their campaigns.

Liz Hoscheid over at Marqana shares something very timely and informative with the discussion of the importance of blogger outreach. In her article, she goes directly to the beginning launch of blogger outreach and talks about the importance in doing proper research, how to style the right email and then what you need to do for a follow-up.

I’m happy to have shared these valuable, rich articles on Blogger Outreach that I’ve found across the web this week. I hope you enjoy reading them all and get a lot of valuable information.

If you know of any articles or blog posts that you’d like to see me include in the roundup, just send me an email at blogging [at] blogdeash [dot] [com].

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