The Value of Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach

How do you measure your brand’s success? Is it in your sales numbers? Do you have a specific marketing effort that you use to determine success? In terms of branding and marketing, blogger outreach has proven to be an invaluable and profitable marketing method.

Imagine that your brand is being talked about all over the Internet and that you have hungry customers and inquisitive readers who want to know more about your company. This idea is far from a dream, but can be a reality for some companies. Reaching out to bloggers to connect with them and make them brand evangelists is a very viable and effective marketing method. For most companies, it’s the only marketing method they choose to use.

Valuable blogger outreach helps a company firmly establish its brand, its message, achieve its overall objective AND serve as an effective marketing technique. The impact of truly valuable blogger outreach is not really felt immediately. That’s because as the brand gains momentum from blogger activity AFTER the campaign has been going for a while. Effective blogger outreach should not be handled as a hit-or-miss solution. It’s fruitless to jump from one idea to another with absolutely no productivity gained from your efforts. This means that approaching blogger outreach efforts without a clearly defined strategy in mind can be be both detrimental and costly both for your brand and your business.

It pays in more ways than one to have an effective blogger outreach program because you can design a comprehensive package for your brand. If you find the right types of bloggers for your message, you’re more likely to have success than just randomly selecting bloggers who have no interest or experience in your work.

Good blogger outreach guides you in zoning in directly on the specific areas that you want to target. You get to pair your branding message with bloggers who really “get it” and can deliver your message to your audience. This saves you time, money and helps get you to your results faster. Here are 3 popular methods that a company uses blogger outreach as a marketing method:

3 popular methods

1. Brand Evangelists: The blogger writes content that points to the company’s site, product, message or theme. They use an assortment of content to broadcast the message.

2. Affiliate Bloggers: These bloggers work with the company to promote its products or services to an interested audience. Usually, the blogger will already have an interest in the company’s product or service, which is why s/he chooses to become an affiliate. This is also very effective.

3. Blogging Jobs: Companies may decide to pay bloggers specifically to blog about their product or service. Bloggers may create content for the brand’s site, including the company’s marketing materials and content. As paid bloggers, the message will focus directly on creating company awareness or spotlighting its brand.

Although there are several other ways blogger outreach is beneficial to a company, this is just a small but effective list of how outreach can be maximized. What blogger outreach methods does your company use? Is there anything you’d like to change about your marketing strategy?



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