Test Drive the BlogDash Demo!

Test Drive the BlogDash Demo!

BlogDash Demo

We have a full functioning BlogDash demo that you can “drive-before-you-buy” our blogger outreach services. The demo will take you through a complete campaign set-up and show you how to:

Getting know BlogDash platform

  • Set up a complete, working business account
  • Choose your particular industry blogger topics
  • Set blogger parameters
  • Determine your working budget for the project
  • Get feedback and advice from our sales team
  • Select bloggers with strong social media outreach or relevant platforms

Most times, companies avoid testing or trying new marketing products because they’re unsure of whether or not it will work. That’s understandable. That’s why we created this demo so as to take the guesswork out of whether it’s worth the investment, or whether or not it will work for your product or brand.

After you’ve taken the demo, feel free to contact us with any further questions or better yet, go ahead and sign up your free business account so we can get you started on developing a competitive, comprehensive campaign for your needs.

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