Blogger Outreach

A New Guide to Help You Do Blogger Outreach

THIS POST IS PART ONE OF “THE GUIDE TO BLOGGER OUTREACH” BLOG POST SERIES TO HELP YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS BECOME MORE COMFORTABLE WITH BLOGGER RELATIONS.  GET THE ENTIRE GUIDE NOW FOR FREE HERE. Do you want to reach bloggers who would be interested in reviewing your products, attending your events or partnering with your affiliate program?  Blogger outreach is one ... Read More »

Blogger Outreach – 7 Ways to Help a Blogger

Pitching a blogger is like offering a trade. If you want a blogger to write about you, you’ll have to help them too.  There are a number of ways you can help a blogger.  Depending on the blogger’s specific goals, they may or may not be interested in each one. Understand who you’re pitching, and you’ll be able to figure ... Read More »

Miscommunication Between Bloggers and Businesses

There is a very clear problem that has yet to be solved. Bloggers want real opportunities, real stories, and to be treated like media professionals. Businesses want to reach bloggers, in a professional manner, to offer them real stories and opportunities. It’s so simple… but they just can’t convey it to each other. Why are bloggers still getting horrible pitches? ... Read More »