Networking to Increase Your Outreach

Networking to Increase Your Outreach


Networking is an effective marketing tool all in itself. If done correctly and as often as possible, networking can be a very results-oriented marketing tool that can catapult any sized business.

In order for networking to work well, there needs to be three things in place. Let’s see what they are:

– An interesting product or service. You want to be able to capture and hold your audience’s attention, whether that’s one person or one hundred people. When you’re milling about and meeting people, always have your elevator speech prepared. It will be worth the effort.

– Like minds. Networking works because all of the individuals collectively are working towards the same common goal, and that is to get to know the other person(s) a little netter. Everyone is in the same place for the same reason.

– A set goal. Whether it’s to find leads, meet new business acquaintances or increase your company’s exposure, always set a goal in mind for your networking efforts. Goal-setting ensures that your efforts are focused towards the end results.

How can you network for great results?

  • Find social media circles online where there are discussions that interest you. Participate in those discussions and add something of value that will help others and make you known.
  • Always be ready to answer questions about your industry. People need to see that you’re an expert in your field.
  • Be seen. Whether that’s on forums, chat boards or at any Chamber of Commerce function, being visual is a great help to your networking efforts.

What other things should you do to increase your networking exposure? Does networking work for all industries?

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